Woman Recovers Lost Luggage After 20 Years

istock / istock

A Tucson woman finally recovered her lost luggage…20 years after it went missing!

On Tuesday, Maria Dellos got a call from the Transportation Security Administration at Tucson International Airport about her lost luggage. She assumed it was in reference to bags she lost four months ago (this woman has lousy luck with luggage!), but to her surprise, it was about a bag that disappeared nearly 20 years ago.

"Well I actually almost ignored the call because of telemarketing. All day long I get calls," Dellos told KVOA news.

Maria Bellos lost a suitcase 20 years ago and it was returned to her this week. (KVOA)

When Dellos, who owns Maria’s Art Creations in Tucson, Arizona, got her long lost bag, she discovered art supplies she had purchased from a trade show two decades ago. She also recovered a handwritten note that detailed her address at the time.

"When I looked at this note, it was dated, it dated me as 20 years ago! And I was just absolutely blown away," said Dellos. "I’m absolutely thankful to the TSA for calling me today and giving me great faith back into the airline industry."

Dellos holding the handwritten note from her waylaid suitcase. (KVOA)

The lost bag predates the TSA, but a spokesperson for the agency says that the bag was likely left unattended for a long period of time and ended up in lost and found.

And in case you were wondering about the bags Dellos lost 4 months ago, those have also been returned.


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