16 Microsoft Excel Shortcuts Everyone Should Know

AndreyPopov/iStock via Getty Images
AndreyPopov/iStock via Getty Images / AndreyPopov/iStock via Getty Images

Filling out spreadsheets has become synonymous with the more tedious aspects of office life, and while you may never be able to completely rid your day of Microsoft Excel, you can spend far less time in it with the help of some keyboard shortcuts.

With these shortcuts, actions like deleting and inserting rows, which normally require multiple scrolls and clicks, can be done in a fraction of a second. And when you're building spreadsheet after spreadsheet every day, all of those seconds can add up. Check out the cheat sheet below for all the essential Excel shortcuts you should be using on Windows.

  • Shift+Space: Select an entire row
  • Ctrl+Space: Select an entire column
  • Alt+Semicolon: Select visible cells
  • Ctrl+Plus: Insert new row or column above or to the left of selected row or column
  • Ctrl+Minus: Delete selected row or column
  • Alt+Plus: Calculate the sum of selected cells
  • Ctrl+N: Open new workbook
  • Ctrl+S: Save current workbook
  • F4: Repeat last action
  • Ctrl+Up/Down Arrow: Move to the first or last cell in a column
  • Ctrl+X: Cut data in selected cell(s)
  • Ctrl+9: Hide selected rows
  • Ctrl+0: Hide selected columns
  • Ctrl+T: Create table
  • Shift+Arrow key: Add one cell to selection
  • Ctrl+Period: Move active cell clockwise