The Ten Most Epic Pop Culture Comebacks


Brought to you by Jack in the Box® 

The Chipotle Chicken Club Combo is making a comeback at Jack in the Box®, and we’re celebrating with some of the most epic pop culture comebacks of all time. Check out below the ten throwbacks that made the cut!

1. Boy Bands

Whenever we hear that our favorite millennial boy band is in town for a reunion show, you can bet that we’re the first in line for front-row seats. There may be new young artists singing their way into the hearts of today’s youth, but we still have our eyes on the ones who told us ‘bye, bye, bye’.

2. Mega Superheroes

Superheroes are large and in charge when it comes to the big screen. With the recent revival of classic icons in massive summer blockbusters, we can safely say that comic book fandom will never go out of style.

3. America’s Veteran Sweetheart

Today’s comedic actresses still can’t keep up with the golden girls of television’s most memorable sitcoms. Let us know when you host SNL at the age of 88 and then we’ll possibly consider you a contender for this title.

4. Mustaches

Facial hair is back in business and we are not opposed to it at all. The art of mustache maintenance has hit the pages of fashion magazines and celebrity tabloids with full force. March Madness gains a whole new meaning with the trend of ‘Mustache March’.

5. Vampires

Vamps are reawakening and taking over in all aspects from pop culture. From popular book series to award-winning television programming, this comeback is one you got to sink your teeth into.

6. Tween Idols

Growing up alongside young artists and watching them blossom into pop culture kings and queens is like watching your best friend score the ultimate dream job. You can’t help but cheer them on!

7. The Fighter

It’s always thrilling to see a wrestler or boxer step back into the ring after a long period of hibernation. It’s even better when they cameo in some of the most hilarious films and programs of our time.

8. Popstar Sensations

Even our favorite popstars get hit with backlash once in awhile, and we still are there to pick them up and support them. When our favorite songstress rises out of tabloid drama like a phoenix, we can’t help but pull out our old mix tapes and blast some 90’s classics.

9. The 80’s

No matter how much we like to bag on the trends of the 1980’s, we love everything about the most neon decade of the 20th century. From fashion trends resurging in stores to iconic superstars returning to the spotlight, there’s no stopping our guilty pleasure of throwing it back to the 80’s.

10. Sweet Treats

There’s nothing quite like the return of America’s favorite snack cake to the shelves of supermarkets across the nation. You could call it the sweetest comeback of all time.

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