This Self-Heating Lunchbox Will Warm Up Your Meal in Just Minutes Wherever You Are


We’ve all faced lunchtime disappointment before—either when heating up leftovers that turn out uninspiring the second time around or spending a lot of money on takeout that winds up being just ho-hum. Eating a delicious hot meal when you’re busy or at work can seem nearly impossible at times, but Heatbox, the leak-proof lunchbox that steams up to three meals on a single charge, is looking to change that.

With more than $65,000 raised already, this self-heating lunchbox crushed its original $33,000 Kickstarter goal, but you can still back the product until December 19 by heading here. Pledges start at $132, and backers will receive the Heatbox for 30 percent off its retail value. And for each backer that Heatbox receives, one meal will be donated to Share the Meal or the World Food Programme charities.

To get the whole thing to work is simple: All you have to do is pour 30 ml (about one ounce) of water into the Heatbox, which can be done before you leave in the morning. Then you insert the inner container with your food, cover that with the inner lid, and then place the bamboo lid on top.

Once you're ready to eat, the Heatbox can be turned on either with the button on the container or through its app, which allows you to select low, medium, or high settings. Depending on what setting is right for your lunch, your food will be hot and ready to eat in eight to 12 minutes. According to Kickstarter, once the campaign is over, the app will also feature healthy recipes to try out.

It takes about 90 minutes to charge the Heatbox, and it can be used up to three times on a single charge if you steam three small meals on low. If you have large meals that are heated on medium or high, you can use the lunchbox twice on a single charge.

Cleaning this self-heating lunchbox is easy. Both the inner container and lid can go in the dishwasher, while the bamboo lid and Heatbox should be cleaned with a cloth and minimal amounts of soap and water.

But why steam? According to Spruce Eats, cooking with steam has numerous benefits. It's a far more delicate way to cook when compared to boiling or simmering, making it ideal for seafood. And since the food isn't being submerged in water, it retains up to 50 percent more of its nutrients. You also avoid cooking foods in unhealthy fats and oils while steaming, potentially leading to healthier meals.

You can back the Heatbox on Kickstarter by heading here.

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We Would Cross the Galaxy For These Baby Yoda Overalls

Black Milk
Black Milk

The appearance of the creature popularly known as Baby Yoda in The Mandalorian has raised a lot of questions, like what does the Empire want with him? Is he related to grown-up Yoda? And how soon can I own clothes with his face on them? Fans now have an answer to that last question. As Nerdist reports, Black Milk has launched a new collection of Mandalorian-inspired apparel you can buy, which includes Baby Yoda overalls.

Like the Child himself, these short overalls are adorable. They are decorated with cartoon versions of the tiny creature sitting in his floating pod and standing in his oversized robes. The best part of the garment is a secret for the wearer; pull down the front flap and reveal a large image of Baby Yoda (and his frog snack) printed on the inside.

Baby Yoda overalls.
Black Milk

Baby Yoda gear has been slowly trickling onto the internet since The Mandalorian premiered on Disney+ on November 12. The first official merchandise featuring the Child hit the online Disney store late last month, but some fans were underwhelmed by the generic depiction of the character. Black Milk, which has a large line of creative Star Wars swag, has finally delivered a Baby Yoda product that lives up to his online persona.

The Baby Yoda overalls are one of a handful of new Mandalorian items for sale through Black Milk. The same cartoon print is also available on a T-shirt. The third piece in the limited collection features Mando himself with Baby Yoda in his high-tech crib. Here are even more Star Wars items to add to your holiday gift list.

[h/t Nerdist]

Wrap Yourself in the Sweet Smell of Bacon (or Coffee or Pine) With These Scented T-Shirts

adogslifephoto/iStock via Getty Images
adogslifephoto/iStock via Getty Images

At one point or another, you’ve probably used perfume, cologne, body spray, or another product meant to make you smell like a flower, food, or something else. But what if you could cut out the middleman and just purchase scented clothing?

Candy Couture California’s (CCC) answer to that is “You can!” The lifestyle brand offers a collection of graphic T-shirts featuring scents like bacon, coffee, pine tree, strawberry, and motor oil. If you have more traditional olfactory predilections, there are several options for you, too, including rose, lavender, and lemongrass. There’s even a signature Candy Couture California scent, which is an intoxicating blend of coconut, strawberry, and vanilla.

candy couture california bacon shirt
Candy Couture California

According to the website, CCC founder Sara Kissing came up with the idea in 2011 while working in the e-commerce fashion industry, and her personal experience with aromatherapy led her to investigate developing clothing that harnessed some of those same benefits. The T-shirts are created with scent-infused gel, which “gives off a delicate, mild smell—just enough to boost your mood.”

So you don’t have to worry about your bacon shirt making the whole office smell like a breakfast sandwich, but you yourself will definitely be able to enjoy its subtle, meaty aroma whenever you wear it. The shirts are also designed to match their scents—the chocolate shirt, for example, features chocolatey baked goods, while the coffee shirt displays steaming mugs of coffee.

candy couture california chocolate shirt
Candy Couture California

The fragrances don’t last forever, but they’ll stay strong through 15 to 20 washes before they start to fade. CCC recommends using unscented detergent so as not to conflict with the shirt’s aroma, and you can further prolong its life if you’re willing to wash it by hand.

Prices start at $79, and you can shop the full collection here.