7 People You Shouldn’t Forget to Buy Holiday Gifts for This Year

Halfpoint/iStock via Getty Images
Halfpoint/iStock via Getty Images / Halfpoint/iStock via Getty Images

Relatives and significant others may be top of mind when you’re shopping for holiday gifts, but they’re not the only ones you should be thinking of this time of year. There are so many other people that help make your life just a bit easier every day, but sometimes they’re so quietly dependable that they slip your mind. Don’t let that happen this year. Presented by Discover and Mental Floss, here are seven people you shouldn’t forget about this season, along with some holiday gift ideas that would be perfect for them.

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1. Mail carrier

This is the busiest time of year for mail carriers, so make sure the postal worker who serves your neighborhood feels appreciated by giving them something special for the holidays. Mail carriers are government employees, and the law prevents them from accepting cash from the public or gifts valued at more than $20. You can get around this rule by bringing them something small and inexpensive, like a hot coffee or a box of doughnuts to power them through their route. Gift cards worth less than $20 are also acceptable as long as they can’t be exchanged for cash.

2. Doorman

You likely see your doorman more often than many of the friends and relatives you’re shopping for this holiday season. Don’t let that relationship go unacknowledged. A new pair of gloves, a winter hat, or a bottle of wine would all make great gifts that will fall within any holiday gift budget. And if you take advantage Cashback Match that the Discover it card offers, you will get all of the Cashback you earn matched at the end of your first year. Learn more at Discover.com/match.

3. Nanny

A nanny or babysitter makes the tough job of being a parent a little more manageable. Thank them for all the quiet days they’ve afforded you with a gift that will help them relax over the holiday season. A fuzzy pair of slippers or a robe are great options, as is a day pass to your local spa. And you can never go wrong with gift cards to a local restaurant or some new winter clothes.

4. Your child’s bus driver

You may not know your local school bus driver as well as your child does, but that doesn’t mean you should leave them off your holiday gift list. Think of something small but useful for their job, like a gift card for coffee, a comfy pair of gloves to deal with all that winter driving, or a new book to read in between trips. You and your child can make the gift even more personal by making some homemade cookies to go along with it.

5. Barista

Many baristas go above and beyond for their frequent customers. If the barista at your local coffee shop remembers your regular order, upgrades your drinks for free, or simply serves you with a smile every day, they deserve a gift around the holidays. Buy them something they can share with their coworkers, like a basket of fruit or a box of cupcakes. An especially generous addition to their tip jar, or a positive online review that mentions their name, would also be appreciated.

6. Hairdresser

If you’ve spent enough time chatting with your hairdresser during hair appointments throughout the year, you should hopefully know what kind of things they like by the time the holidays arrive. But sometimes, the best gift to get your hairdresser isn’t always clear. Luckily, there are plenty of affordable standbys to revert to when you’re feeling stumped. A gift card to a nice restaurant near the hair salon or a bottle of wine would make great holiday presents, and no matter how big or small the gift is, you’ll still earn cashback rewards with your Discover it card.

7. Housekeeper

It’s all too easy to turn your housekeeper’s gift into an impersonal envelope full of money, but chances are you know enough about them to give something truly unique and personal this holiday season. Boxes of chocolate, a new sweater, tickets to a play or concert—anything is on the table, and it’s even better if you can personalize it to their taste.

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