Can You Guess J.K. Rowling's Fantastic Beast From Its Magical Power?

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1. The sting of this bright blue insect causes extreme giddiness and levitation.

A) Plimpy
B) Chizpurfle
C) Murtlap
D) Billywig

2. This vulture-like bird lets out a low, mournful cry when it’s about to rain – though it was once thought to predict death.

A) Nogtail
B) Phoenix
C) Jarvey
D) Augurey

3. The hide of this large quadruped is said to be thicker than that of dragon, and also repels most spells.

A) Graphorn
B) Hippogriff
C) Puffskein
D) Mooncalf

4. The toxic breath of this large, leopard-like beast can cause a disease potent enough to wipe out whole villages.

A) Erkling
B) Nundu
C) Quintaped
D) Sphinx

5. If collected and spread on flower beds before sunrise, the silvery dung of this sleek, gray creature will cause plants to grow extremely quickly.

A) Unicorn
B) Erumpent
C) Dugbog
D) Mooncalf

6. This giant snail changes color every hour and leaves a slimy trail that burns all vegetation underneath it.

A) Streeler
B) Bowtruckle
C) Crup
D) Tebo

7. The eggs of this winged, serpentine creature are made of pure silver.

A) Occamy
B) Basilisk
C) Kappa
D) Mackled Malaclaw

8. This water-dwelling shape-shifter often takes the form of a horse–though the one in Scotland’s Loch Ness usually looks serpentine.

A) Demiguise
B) Griffin
C) Boggart
D) Kelpie

9. This flightless bird, know by muggles as the dodo bird, can disappear and reappear to escape danger.

A) Diricawl
B) Snidget
C) Pogrebin
D) Phoenix

10. The silky hair of this herbivorous beast is used to make Invisibility Cloaks.

A) Demiguise
B) Thestral
C) Lethifold
D) Unicron

11. Got any coins in your pocket? This furry, gentle burrower will definitely find them, along with any other treasure in the area.

A) Bundimun
B) Jobberknoll
C) Kneazle
D) Niffler

12. The black-scaled, spike-tailed dragon is said to be the most dangerous of all breeds, with fire-breathing range of up to 50 feet.

A) Hungarian Horntail
B) Norwegian Ridgeback
C) Swedish Short-Snout
D) Chinese Fireball

13. You’ll need a license and a strong Silencing Charm if you’d like to own one of these brightly colored birds – their songs can drive listeners insane.

A) Lobalug
B) Runespoor
C) Ashwinder
D) Fwooper

14. The horn of this rhinoceros lookalike not only constraints deadly fluid, it can also pierce metal.

A) Horklump
B) Graphorn
C) Erumpent
D) Chimaera

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Answers: 1:D; 2:D; 3:A; 4:B; 5:D; 6:A; 7:A; 8:D; 9:A; 10:A; 11:D; 12:A; 13:D; 14:C