Wham!’s Iconic 'Last Christmas' Video Has Been Re-Released in Glorious 4K

Wham!, YouTube
Wham!, YouTube / Wham!, YouTube

If you and your family are having a hard time agreeing on a Christmas movie to watch next week, how about a short film instead? And by “short film,” we mean the new high-definition version of Wham!’s “Last Christmas” music video.

According to Geek.com, Sony Music Entertainment remastered the video and released it on YouTube on Friday, December 13. In just four days, it’s been watched almost 4 million times—and for good reason.

In the now-4K video, you can see each strand of George Michael’s carefully styled golden hair framing his perfect face as he broods over the permed-up, shoulder-padded girl who broke his heart the previous year. This version may boast sharper scenes and brighter colors than the original, released 35 years ago, but it’s still bathed in that same characteristic ’80s glow. If you’re old enough to have lived through the ’80s, steel yourself for waves of nostalgia before you hit the play button below.

Apart from the fact that the song takes place during Christmas, it’s not really a Christmas song. There’s no mention of sleighs, reindeer, Santa Claus, chestnuts, or any other typical holiday imagery, and the bells you can hear in the background are arguably overshadowed by the sweet, sweet sound of the synthesizer. The music video, on the other hand, is practically a retro Christmas card come to life: The friends convene at a ski lodge, where they decorate every available surface with tinsel, dress in their best (and biggest) holiday sweaters, and pine for each other.

In our opinion, watching it all play out in 4K glory is even worth losing Whamageddon for. Wondering what that is? Find out—along with nine other surprising “Last Christmas” facts—here.

[h/t Geek.com]