Watch Wes Anderson Discuss His Influences and The Grand Budapest Hotel

The New York Public Library, Youtube
The New York Public Library, Youtube / The New York Public Library, Youtube

On Sunday night, The Grand Budapest Hotel took home the Golden Globe for Best Picture Musical or Comedy. It was both the first win and first nomination for director Wes Anderson, whose idiosyncratic style hasn't always garnered acclaim from the Hollywood Foreign Press Association.

Last year, just before the now award-winning film was released, Anderson sat down with Paul Holdengräber for one of the New York Public Library's LIVE events to discuss a number of wide ranging topics over the course of an hour and a half. He reminisces on films that were particularly influential in shaping his desire to pursue directing, including François Truffaut's The 400 Blows, of which he says, "This movie in particular I think was one of the reasons I started thinking I would like to try to make movies."

Anderson also talks about his debt to literature, reacts to clips from his earlier movies, and discusses the story of The Grand Budapest Hotel.

Check out the full interview below for a deep dive on Anderson's process in honor of his first Golden Globe.