You Can Now Get Paid Up to $7500 to Move to Vermont

Montpelier, Vermont
Montpelier, Vermont / SeanPavonePhoto/iStock via Getty Images

If a recent rewatch of 1954’s White Christmas made you contemplate packing up your coziest sweaters and starting a new life in Vermont, now’s your chance—according to My NBC 5, the government is offering people up to $7500 to move to the Green Mountain State for a new job at a Vermont-based business.

The New Worker Relocation Grant Program, authorized by the Vermont legislature and signed into law by Governor Phil Scott, aims to attract new workers and expand Vermont’s workforce by alleviating the financial burden of relocating.

Anybody who becomes a full-time Vermont resident and employee on or after January 1, 2020, is eligible to apply for the program, which will reimburse moving costs like lease deposits, first month’s rent, moving equipment, moving company bills, shipping, and even the closing costs for a primary residence. According to the program’s FAQ section [PDF], you can also request reimbursement for expenses related to your job that aren’t covered by your employer, such as “connectivity, specialized tools and equipment, and co-working space membership fees.”

“Our hope is this is a catalyst,” Lindsay Kurrle, secretary of the Vermont Agency of Commerce and Community Development, told NECN. “There are just not enough people in the pipeline here in our state.”

Vermont, New England’s least-populated state, has an aging population and a low unemployment rate that makes it difficult for employers to fill empty positions. And it’s not the first time Vermont has tried to attract new residents—in 2019, the state launched a similar program that reimbursed moving costs up to $10,000 over two years for people who moved to Vermont just to work remotely.

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[h/t My NBC 5]