Watch the Windows 95 Launch Hosted By Jay Leno

YouTube / YouTube

Today, Microsoft launched Windows 10, their new operating system that works on both smartphones and PCs. It follows the much-criticized Windows 8, which was so bad, they had to skip the number 9 entirely. The company also introduced the HoloLens, an augmented reality visor that hopes to replace all the screens in your life with one single screen attached directly to your face.

Today's event was a sleek, high-tech affair that eschewed glitz and glamor in order to put the products in the forefront. This is a far cry from the launch of Microsoft's most popular program ever—Windows 95. Take a look at some highlights from that highly optimistic launch:

Jay Leno kicks things off around the three-minute mark and damn near brings the house down with this joke: "I'm the host of The Tonight Show on NBC, which stands for 'Now Bill Compatible.'" (Keep in mind this was right after the O.J. Simpson trial so Jay was a little rusty with his non-Ito bits.)

If anything, this old launch video is a good reminder that Windows 95 was a terrific OS, even without HoloLens compatibility.