Dream Job Alert: Irish Island Is Hiring a Couple to Run Its Local Café

twstipp, iStock via Getty Images
twstipp, iStock via Getty Images

Resolving to spend more time unplugged isn't easy in 2020, but if you'd like to replace the gaming, binge-watching, and social media in your life with silence, nature, and solitude, consider moving to Ireland. As The Guardian reports, Great Blasket Island, off the country's west coast, has a job opening for two caretakers to manage a café and accommodations that are straight out of the 19th century.

The position comes with free food, lodging, and an undisclosed salary. Duties include maintaining three cottages and serving tea, coffee, and snacks to up to 21 guests. Such luxuries as Wi-Fi, hot showers, and electrical lighting are missing from the island. Instead, caretakers will depend on candles for light and stoves to boil water.

Great Blasket isn't completely off the grid. A small wind turbine there produces enough power to charge a smart phone, but with the spectacular views of the 1100-acre island and the Atlantic coast, you may not want to return to a life of nonstop scrolling.

Whether you apply for the job with a romantic partner or a close friend, it's important that the two caretakers get along well. Alice Hayes, the person behind the job listing, also stated that they should be friendly, talkative, and in good shape.

The gig starts on April 1 and runs through October 1 of this year. If you're interested in leaving the modern world behind for a few months, you can contact Alice Hayes for more information at info@greatblasketisland.net.

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Fit to Feed a Queen? Buckingham Palace Is Looking for a Traveling Sous Chef

Royal chefs prepare hors d'oeuvres in the Buckingham Palace kitchens.
Royal chefs prepare hors d'oeuvres in the Buckingham Palace kitchens.
Nick Ansell, WPA Pool/Getty Images

If your culinary prowess makes you fit to feed a queen, now’s your chance to prove it—Queen Elizabeth II is looking for a new sous chef.

Food & Wine reports that applicants are required to have a background in premier catering and training in classical French cuisine, so this isn’t the best role for anyone whose abilities stop at toast and cereal. Experienced chefs with strong leadership and communication skills, on the other hand, should definitely check it out.

The role is based at Buckingham Palace, but you’ll also be called upon to cook at other royal residences around the country. And, while the head chef is technically in charge, it looks like the sous chef will have plenty of opportunity to dream up new menu items, direct the kitchen staff, and organize large-scale catering events.

Though the listing doesn’t mention what the salary is, it’s probably not a jaw-dropping figure. The Daily Mail reports that it could be up to £33,000 (about $43,000) per year, and past royal chef positions haven’t even cracked $30,000. Having said that, it boasts some impressive perks, including 33 vacation days, access to Buckingham Palace’s many recreational amenities—a gym, swimming pool, book club, and choir, to name a few—and the option to live at the palace. Your salary will be adjusted if you decide to become a full-time resident, but meals are included, too.

The application is open through February 12, and you can find out more here.

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Netflix Is Hiring ‘Nerds’ in Los Angeles and Paris

Netflix's headquarters in Los Angeles.
Netflix's headquarters in Los Angeles.

The word nerd might have started out as a mean-spirited schoolyard insult aimed at smart kids, but it has since turned into a term that self-proclaimed nerds wear like a badge of honor. Netflix has taken it one step further by using nerd as an actual job title—and they're currently looking for some in both Los Angeles and Paris.

The Nerds at Netflix are the IT team, so book nerds might want to sit this one out. According to the website, the streaming giant is looking for “smart, motivated” individuals to “provide exceptional technology support to [its] employee base.”

In other words, you’d essentially be responsible for troubleshooting technical problems for staff members. A degree in computer science isn't required, but you will need experience on a technical support team and an in-depth knowledge of Mac and Chrome operating systems, cloud-based services, Windows, Google Apps, and a host of other programs.

A day in the life of a Netflix Nerd could include resetting a few passwords, issuing a company-owned cell phone to a new employee, setting up a video conference, fixing a finicky printer or two, or keeping a careful log of all your resolved requests.

And, since the job is customer service-based, the listing also mentions that applicants should have “patience” and “excellent interpersonal and communication skills.”

The three positions are similar in nature, with a couple key differences. The Paris-based Nerd will live in Paris, of course, and must be fluent in both French and English. The other two positions are both in Los Angeles, but one is for the “Core Support” team that services the entire business, and the other specifically provides support to Los Angeles employees.

Nerd hopefuls can apply here.