You Can Now Buy a Scarf Inspired by Those Preposterously Long CVS Receipts

Kathryn Hughes/Etsy
Kathryn Hughes/Etsy / Kathryn Hughes/Etsy
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CVS is known for being a one-stop shop for medications, grocery items, toiletries, and, of course, comically long receipts. Naturally, people have taken advantage of these absurdly long pieces of paper in a number of ways: in 2018, one Twitter user went viral because he used his CVS receipt as a replacement window blind, while another customer blew his receipt up and turned it into a Halloween costume.

Now, one industrious artist named Kathryn Hughes is using those never-ending paper receipts as inspiration for a line of handmade scarves, which you can find on Etsy for $20. These scarves measure at 58 inches long by 10 inches wide and look just like the real thing; however, because they are handmade, their sizes can vary slightly—much like real CVS receipts.

Kathryn Hughes/Etsy

The length of a real CVS receipt comes down to whether or not you're a CVS ExtraCare member. These members get added coupons and sales announcements tacked onto every receipt, resulting in lengths that can stretch to more than 4 feet. And Hughes's scarves are true to form: ExtraCare members will recognize coupons like “15 percent off with $50 purchase,” “30 percent off deodorant,” and “$1 ExtraBucks Rewards" printed right onto the scarf.

If you’re not a CVS shopper, Hughes also makes a scarf inspired by those long (but not quite CVS-long) Rite Aid receipts for $20. Hughes stresses that these scarves are novelty items and "won't save your life if you are stranded in Antarctica." But for anyone who has ever bought a pack of gum only to leave CVS with a receipt longer than a second grader, you can now turn your struggle into style.

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