GoPro and the NHL are Teaming Up

NHL, NHLPA and GoPro
NHL, NHLPA and GoPro / NHL, NHLPA and GoPro

Thanks to a recent partnership with Vislink, GoPro can now stream live HD footage. We can see that development in action at the 60th NHL All-Star weekend in Columbus.

GoPro and NHL's team-up means sturdy cameras adhered right onto the player's helmets, so fans at home can feel like they're right there on the ice. The footage will be broadcast during live games and on the social media platforms of the NHLPANHL and GoPro

GoPro released a video featuring some prominent hockey players trying it out at the Devils' training facility in Newark (though strangely no Devils could make it). It's unclear if the cameras mess with the athletes' balance or speed, but they seem to be having a blast. 

This could make shootouts even more exciting:

"The use of GoPro cameras will give fans a new perspective of the extraordinary speed and skill of today's NHL players," NHLPA's Mathieu Schneider explained to "We are excited to have GoPro working with us and the NHL to show the great athleticism of our players."

Hockey fans aren't the only winners here. As new official partners of the NHL, GoPro has an even better hold in the mainstream media. This new business deal is great marketing for GoPro, and it'll open up a lot of opportunities with other sports leagues. We might be getting a players-eye-view in a number of other sports some time soon—and who knows? Maybe someday we'll get first person perspective weather reports.

The first event to use this new feature will be the skills competition tonight at 7pm ET. Check out the full video below: