Perdita, the ‘World’s Worst Cat,’ Is Looking for Her Forever Home

Brittany Taylor
Brittany Taylor / Brittany Taylor

"We thought she was sick, turns out she's just a jerk."

That's the opening line of Mitchell County Animal Rescue's adoption listing for Perdita the cat. Shelters usually try to paint the animals in their care in a positive light, but this organization isn't mincing words: Perdita is being advertised as the "world's worst cat."

As The News & Observer reports, the 4-year-old cat arrived at the North Carolina animal rescue on Christmas Eve. She quickly earned a reputation for drawing people to her cage with her cute, kitten-like behavior, then batting their hands away the moment they go in for a pet. The shelter thought Perdita might be in pain, but after taking her to a vet, they realized she just had an evil streak.

According to her adoption listing on Mitchell County Animal Rescue's Facebook page, Perdita is "not for the faint of heart." Her likes include "staring into your soul until you feel as if you may never be cheerful again," "lurking in dark corners," and "being queen of her domicile." Her dislikes are "the color pink, kittens (yuk they are so chipper), dogs, children, the Dixie Chicks, Disney movies, Christmas, and last but NOT least ... HUGS." If someone is willing to take the antisocial cat into their home, the shelter will waive all adoption fees.

Her caretakers admit that while Perdita may not win over everyone, there's plenty about her to love. According to Mitchell County Animal Rescue director Amber Dale Lowery, she arrived at the shelter after her previous owner died. "We understand that she has earned every right to be a jerk and meant the post as tongue-in-cheek," Lowery tells Mental Floss. "We adore her strong personality and hope that by shedding light on her 'cattitude,' the perfect home will step forward to adopt her."

The response to the listing has been positive so far. Facebook users have commented, "I love how she looks like she is plotting world domination," "My soulmate kitty," and "I don’t even like cats and I want this cat!!"

Perdita may be a celebrity on the internet, but at the shelter she hasn't changed. "Perdita is not fazed by her fame. Just this morning she allowed me to scratch her head, admire her good looks and then promptly growled at me," Lowery says.

To inquire about becoming the owner of the world's worst cat, you can call 828-765-6952 or head to to fill out an adoption application. You may want to invest in some scratch-proof furniture covers in the meantime.

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