17 Things You Can Watch Instead of the Super Bowl

Nat Geo Wild
Nat Geo Wild / Nat Geo Wild

Even though 111.5 million viewers tuned in to watch the Super Bowl last year, not everyone is interested in the super-hyped spectacle. If you're in that camp, don't worry—we've got 17 alternatives for you.

1. Puppy Bowl // Animal Planet

Giving new meaning to “beast mode,” the ever-popular Puppy Bowl is now in its 11th season. It seems to get bigger, better, and crazier every year—this year, goats will be serving as cheerleaders.

2. Kitten Bowl // Hallmark Channel

If canines aren’t your thing, surely felines are. Though it’s only in year two, the Kitten Bowl was obviously a big hit for the Hallmark Channel. Let’s just hope there’s no illegal substance testing—you know those players are all doped up on catnip.

3. Fish Bowl II // Nat Geo Wild

If last year’s inaugural Fish Bowl kept you on the edge of your seat, just wait until you see what the folks at Nat Geo Wild have up their sleeves this year. Let's just say there's a change of scenery...

4. and 5. Airplane vs. Volcano and Asteroid vs. Earth // SyFy

If the game turns out to be a disaster, you can switch over to SyFy and watch a real catastrophe—well, as real as it gets on SyFy, anyway. Plus, Dean Cain!


The Simpsons

marathon // FXX

Because you can never go wrong with The Simpsons.

7. Downton Abbey // PBS


For when you prefer drama that's more refined than Marshawn Lynch's beef with the media.

8. and 9. Shrek and Shrek 2 // TBS

When you get tired of watching big, hulking guys running around with a pigskin, switch over to TBS to watch a big, hulking ogre run around with a donkey.

10. Cops Marathon // Spike

There's definitely a joke in here somewhere about cops and football players, but I'm just going to stand back from that one.

11. Back to the Future // ABC Family

Why watch the Katy Perry halftime show when you have Michael J. Fox shredding to Johnny B. Goode?

12. Ridiculousness // MTV

It's still less ridiculous than all of the trash talk between Tom Brady and Richard Sherman.

13. Swamp People // History

Instead of the Patriots vs. the Seahawks, switch over to the History Channel for Cajuns vs. gators. (Spoiler alert: the Cajuns win.)

14. The X-Files // Chiller

If you find that Mulder and Scully are a better dynamic duo than Brady and Gronk, you know where to go.

15. The Green Mile // Sundance

AMC Networks

If Brady isn't working his magic, you can be sure that John Coffey will.

16. The Real Housewives of Atlanta // Bravo

Getty Images

Eh, if you like scandals, you're probably better off watching Bill Belichick.

17. America’s Book of Secrets // H2


If your idea of a good conspiracy theory centers around Area 51 as opposed to deflated footballs, you’ll want to tune in to H2.