1,000 Vintage Disneyland Items Are Going Up For Auction

Van Eaton Galleries
Van Eaton Galleries / Van Eaton Galleries

If your extensive collection of Mickey Mouse figurines is not cutting it, perhaps you need the skeleton from the original Pirates of the Caribbean ride.

In honor of Disneyland's 60th year celebration, a private collector is putting some of its paraphernalia up for auction.  One thousand items will be up for grabs at Sherman Oaks on February 28th. Before wealthy Disney fanatics get their hands on all the goods, the public is welcome to come down to Van Eaton Galleries to check everything out. You can get your nostalgia fix starting on February 7th up until the day before the auction. The gallery has been collecting original animation work since 1994.

Some cool things you can see/buy include: a rare unused example of the first Disneyland ticket book, a 1956 Main Street Station flag, a doll from "It's a Small World," and the parrot from the original Enchanted Tiki Room.

“This collection is beyond extraordinary,” Mike Van Eaton, Founder & President of Van Eaton Galleries, said in a press release. “The breadth of this vintage collection and the rarity of the memorabilia are a true testament to the genius of Walt Disney. It tells the story of Disneyland from the beginning like we have never seen before and I am sure we won’t ever see again.”

[h/t: LATimes.com]