Calling All Crocodile Hunters: You Could Get a Reward for Removing the Tire Stuck to an Indonesian Crocodile’s Head

National Geographic, YouTube
National Geographic, YouTube / National Geographic, YouTube

Much like King Arthur’s removal of Excalibur from the stone earned him the kingdom of Britain, your removal of the tire from a crocodile’s neck will earn you … an unspecified reward from the Indonesian government.

According to Insider, the 13-foot crocodile has been sighted around Indonesia’s Palu River sporting the ugly, uncomfortable rubber necklace since at least 2016. Since the motorcycle tire could soon constrict the airways of the growing reptile, Central Sulawesi’s Natural Resources Conservation Office is offering a prize to persuade people to release it—though the prize itself remains a mystery.

Indonesian news agency Antara reports that several rescue attempts have failed in the past, including one by a famous animal whisperer and conservationist nicknamed “Panji the Adventurer,” and another by Australian experts. The conservation office also tried to capture the crocodile by setting traps and luring it with chicken and other meat, but the animal wasn’t interested.

Many people believe the animal is a Siamese crocodile, a critically endangered species found in Southeast Asia. If that’s true, the endeavor is even more important: The International Union for Conservation of Nature estimates there are only about 500 to 1000 Siamese crocodiles left in the wild.

This particular tire-bound specimen has not only proven itself to be elusive, but also exceptionally resilient. In 2018, Central Sulawesi’s capital city, Palu, endured a tsunami and an earthquake—the crocodile survived them both.

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[h/t Insider]