This Smart Ring Offers Personalized Wellness Advice by Analyzing Your Sleep Patterns and Fitness Levels

The Circular smart ring is designed to look simple and appropriate for any occasion.
The Circular smart ring is designed to look simple and appropriate for any occasion. / Circular
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Over the past few years, apps and smart devices have played a major role in helping people achieve both their fitness and overall well-being goals. And while these devices can be helpful, it’s not always clear how to fully utilize the given data to make changes in your daily habits. But Circular is looking to change that with a new smart ring that tracks your different biometrics, such as sleep and activity patterns, then tells you how to use that data to make improvements in your daily life.

The company recently launched a Kickstarter campaign for the Circular Smart Ring, which you can back starting at $197. With the pledge, you’ll receive the Circular ring, two outer shells, a charger, a USB cable, and more for 30 percent off the retail value.

The ring uses an integrated intelligent companion called Kira to analyze your activities, and then makes specific suggestions on how to improve things like your sleep, fitness, and overall well-being. You can access the data through its mobile app.

According to the campaign, Circular worked with doctors, Ph.D. students, and other experts for more than a year to develop "algorithms that effectively analyze your body signals." This can be seen in the ring’s sleep tracker, which not only lets you know how much rest you’re getting throughout the night, but how your sleep is affecting your performance throughout the day and how your daily activities are impacting your sleep.

The ring also functions as an alarm in two ways: One option is to set a specific time yourself and the ring will silently vibrate to wake you up. In the second option, the ring analyzes your sleep patterns, senses when you are in your lightest sleep phase, and vibrates to wake you up.

The ring’s "activity tracking" allows you to look at your physical activity through different measurements like heart rate, steps taken, and more. With that, you can look in the app and see visuals depicting your fitness progress. From there, you'll get suggestions on how to improve aspects of your wellness, such as your energy levels.

Like many other smart devices, the ring alerts you when you’ve received a text message or phone call. However, unlike other devices, you can also silence your ringing phone or skip a song you’re listening to simply by tapping the ring.

The device can last for up to two days on a single charge, is scratch-proof and water-resistant, and comes with different color options for the outer shell, such as gray or rose gold, so you can dress it up a bit. Currently, the sizes range from a U.S. size six to a U.S. size 12.

With $181,204 raised, the company already surpassed the original $21,962 goal. But you can still help bring this project to life until March 4 by heading here.

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