Gorgeous Photos of Frozen Stuff That Will Make You Want to Bundle Up

Twitter User @UrFromBoston
Twitter User @UrFromBoston / Twitter User @UrFromBoston

Winter feels like it's been going on forever—and somehow, it's colder than ever here in the Northeast. While these frigid temperatures have rendered certain activities untenable (like being outside for any length of time, for example), there is at least one upside: Impressively frozen things—and the chance to take pictures of them. Below, we've rounded up some of our favorite photos from social media that capture just how cold it is with things that have frozen.

The Water from Hoses after Firemen Extinguish a Fire in Philadelphia

New York's East River

Niagara Falls

The Fountain in New York City's Bryant Park

The Great Lakes

Boston Brownstones

Burst Pipes at a High School Greenhouse