11 Chores and Tasks Technology Will Make Obsolete

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With new gadgets and advances in technology being made every year, basic chores are becoming easier and easier. Pretty soon, you won’t have to worry about any of them. Here are 11 tasks we may not have to deal with in the near future.

1. Cooking Dinner

Soon, dinner might be as easy to make as a cup of coffee. Thanks to advances in robotics, a machine can cook entire meals for you—just add the ingredients and plug in the recipe. The heat source will be built in, so you don’t have to worry about any fire hazards.

2. Remembering Your Keys

Save the extra pocket space and ditch your keys. Now you can unlock your door with a smartphone. You can also electronically give guests access, so you don’t have to worry about getting more keys cut. Even crazier, with the right gadget, you’ll soon be able to unlock your front door from anywhere in the world.

3. Breaking Out the Tape Measure

Intel® RealSense™ snapshot, which uses three depth-sensing lenses to take your photos in layers, will let you measure your surroundings with your mobile device: Just click and drag to figure out the dimensions. With a tap of the screen, you can measure wall space or the size of a new piece of furniture.

4. Carrying Around Multiple Devices

Sometimes it’s hard to choose between the function of a laptop and the convenience of a tablet. Intel’s 2 in 1 devices let you get the best of both worlds. The super fast computers can be easily reconfigured with a simple flip or swivel of the screen, as well as can snap in and out of its keyboard so you never have to think about which gadget to bring with you.

5. Running Errands

There’s a ton of websites and apps available that let you order food or general supplies online. Anything from laundry to groceries can be brought right to your door, and what can’t be delivered, can be 3D-printed. Soon, there will be no need to make any pit stops on your way home—you’ll just print your products when you get there.

6. Keeping Track of Passwords

Intel Security’s True Key™ app uses facial recognition to identify users. Instead of remembering lengthy, intricate passwords, your computer can simply look at your face and determine who you are. From there, you can access all your private accounts. You don’t have to worry about security— holding up a picture won’t fool the computer.

7. Driving

Self-driving cars can do wonders for preventing accidents, and they will make your commute a whole lot less hectic. Today’s prototypes are extra cautious: They stop at yellow lights, use turn signals, and abide by speed limits. They even know when to stop at crosswalks.

8. Cleaning Your Gutters

No one likes going up on the roof, especially when it’s raining. Save yourself the risky chore and get a tiny robot or drone to do it for you. There are gadgets on the market that will zoom across your gutters and get rid of leaves and other blockages.

9. Shopping for Clothes

Why bother going to the store when you can try on shoes at home thanks to virtual reality? With upcoming technology, you might be able to pick out virtual shoes and other clothing and then use a mannequin with your exact measurements to help you try them on and see what looks best.

10. Fiddle With Your Thermostat

It’s often difficult to get your house just the right temperature. On top of this, no one wants to waste money or energy on heating or air conditioning when they’re not even home. New technology will let your house do all the work. Sensors can tell when you leave and will put the system into energy saving mode. When you come home, the house can reheat (or cool) to the perfect temperature.

11. Waste Time on Laundry

If you don’t want to send your dirty laundry out to be cleaned, you can always get yourself a fancy washer/dryer. New appliances let you wash two loads at once, and many can connect to Wi-Fi and can give you alerts when the cycle is over, so you don’t have to linger in the laundry room. These new machines also can blow steam into your clothes to help with wrinkles, so say goodbye to your ironing board.

Whether you’re cooking, cleaning, or running to the store, innovative technology from Intel can help make your life easier. Learn more here.