This Portable Mini Movie Projector Aims to Bring HD Quality to Nearly Any Surface

Formovie Technology Inc/Indiegogo
Formovie Technology Inc/Indiegogo / Formovie Technology Inc/Indiegogo
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Forget about streaming your favorite show or movie on a tiny smartphone or laptop screen, because this new mini projector from Formovie Technology Inc. looks to bring the at-home viewing experience on the go.

The Formovie Dice 1080p portable projector (available here) is able to display crisp and clear images in a variety of sizes and on surfaces beyond flat white screens. This makes it a great option for enjoying films out on the deck, on your living room wall, or projected onto the side of a tent during a camping trip. You can also adjust the image from your remote, so if you have to project the movie at an angle, you'll be able to straighten out the picture without having to manually move a lens. The projector will even sense the distance between itself and the surface and automatically focus the image depending on its location.

The Dice is fully immersed in Google's ecosystem and comes equipped with Android TV, Google Assistant, and a Chromecast built right into it, meaning it's all controllable from your smartphone or through voice commands. The projector also features HDMI and USB jacks, as well as Bluetooth capabilities, so you can still watch even if you're not near Wi-Fi.

The built-in battery lasts up to three hours on a single charge, and the company guarantees that the projector will last for 30,000 hours, which they say is equivalent to watching movies for eight hours a day for a decade.

With $43,221 raised on Indiegogo, Formovie already surpassed its original campaign goal of $1000. But you can still help bring the project to life starting at $499 (a 23 percent discount) by heading here.

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