11 Moments Where You'll Never Need to Touch Your Device Again

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You need your device; that’s why it’s seemingly always glued to your hands. But what if your hands were freed up to actually do things other than paw at a tablet or smartphone? With gesture technology, you don’t have to sacrifice actions or activities in the real world in order to stay connected in the virtual one. Here are 11 examples of when this will come in handy (pun intended).

1. Cooking

As all good cooks know, you can’t make delicious food without getting a little dirty. Your device, however, should stay clean. But what happens when you’re working from a recipe on your phone or tablet and you need to scroll or turn the page with messy hands? With gesture control, these actions are as easy as a quick wave, which frees your hands up for cooking.

2. Home Improvement Projects

Working with your hands? Then you’re going to need them on your tools, not your tablet. Gesture control technology makes navigating complex DIY instructions a breeze, taking you through your project without taking your mind off the next step.

3. Arts and Crafts

Like cooking, arts and crafts can be a messy affair. When you’re unleashing your inner van Gogh, you don’t want to have to wash your hands before zooming in on a model or a set of instructions. Gesture control is the perfect artist’s helper that will never interrupt your moments of inspiration, because true artistes shouldn’t have to worry about smudging their devices.

4. Gaming

A video game can have the best graphics and design in the world, but at the end of the day you’re still sitting there with a controller or mouse in your hands, taking you out of the incredible digital world. Gesture control offers gamers the most immersive experience ever, allowing them to control the action with their actions.

5. In the Cold

When the mercury drops, you have to keep going—and using a smartphone or tablet in frigid temperatures is beyond frustrating. Gloves and mittens make it nearly impossible, meaning you have to expose your hands to the cold while using your phone on the go. Gesture technology lets you keep your warm gloves on while using your device to run apps like maps, which will help you find the nearest hot chocolate.

6. In the Sun

Soaking up some rays while reading an amazing page-turner on your phone or tablet? If you just put on sunscreen, turning those pages can be a greasy chore. With gesture control, you can flip through your book with a flick of your (well-tanned) wrist.

7. Working Out

The Internet has helped make finding new workouts easier than ever before, but, as always, you still have to actually do them. Interrupting your routine to scroll through your phone to find the next set could mean the difference between powering through a plateau and losing steam. Gesture control allows you to keep going and keep your heart rate up; and it keeps the weights—not your phone—in your hands.

8. Giving a Presentation

When delivering the business presentation of your life, you don’t want to be hunched over a tablet or phone, squinting and scrolling while everyone waits for your next point. Gesture control keeps your attention directed at your audience, and you can confidently control slideshows and other visual tools with ease.

9. Working as a Team

Personal computers are just so personal. One keyboard, one mouse, one user. With gesture control, everyone can get involved, meaning each member of your team, classroom, or family can jump in and contribute to the work (or play) at hand.

10. On the Go

When you need to use your device but also need to get a move on, traditional touch screens can mean the difference between being on time and being late. Gesture control allows you to, for example, make coffee and whip up a quick breakfast while at the same time reviewing your notes for that big 9 a.m. meeting. You’ll be surprised at how much freeing up your hands will free up your schedule.

11. Video Chatting

There’s no replacement for chatting face-to-face, but when it’s done through the Internet, both parties are tied to their devices, making it face-to-face-to-hands-to-screen-to-keyboard chatting. Gesture control frees you up to talk how you normally talk, so when you’re getting or placing a call, you can dial or answer with a quick motion no matter where you are.

Whether you’re working up a sweat or working on a promotion-earning presentation, Intel® RealSense™ technology with gesture control makes it possible for you to shift your focus from your device to the real goal at hand. Learn more here.