Watch This 1950s Woman Get Dosed With LSD


The 1950s seems like it was a sterile and uptight time to be alive, but that doesn't mean no one was experimenting with drugs. Some people were—and some of those people were doing it in controlled environments, as part of clinical research.

This footage from 1956 takes place in the Los Angeles Veterans Administration Hospital; it features a doctor named Dr. Sidney Cohen interviewing a young woman, who is married to one of the employees of the hospital. The doctor is about to guide the woman on a psychedelic (but scientific!) journey with LSD. After confirming she's mentally stable through a series of psychological tests, it's time to get crazy.

The camera zooms in on the clear glass, sitting on the table, that is quickly guzzled by the eager patient. A voiceover explains she is downing "100 gamma of LSD 25."

After a three hour break, the video cuts back to the woman, who is now high as a kite. She attempts to explain her experience to the doctor, but ultimately, regular words are inadequate.

"I wish I could talk in technicolor," she says.