Vintage NASA Photographs to Go Up For Auction

Bloomsbury Auctions
Bloomsbury Auctions / Bloomsbury Auctions

Many of the photos in the collection "From the Earth to the Moon: Vintage NASA Photographs of the First Voyages Beyond Our Home Planet"—which will be up for auction as part of a larger collection at Bloomsbury Auctions Feb. 26 in London—have never before been seen by the public. The original photos, often taken by the astronauts themselves, include a space sunrise from Michael Collins (which was featured on the cover of LIFE magazine in 1966), the first view of a spacecraft in space, a photo taken by Buzz Aldrin of himself, the first ever photo of Earth from space, and the only clear photograph taken of Neil Armstrong's first steps on the moon.

Some of the collection—which exceeds 650 works in total, spanning from 1945 to 1972—will be on display at Mallett Antiques in London through most of February, and you can see the entire gallery here. Each photo is expected to fetch several hundred British pounds at the auction. Take a look at some of the especially notable images below.

The first photograph from space taken by man, taken by John Glenn in February 1962. via

First US spacewalk featuring Ed White. Taken June 1965. via

Photo from Ed White’s personal photograph album of the Gemini 4 mission. Taken June 1965. via

Liftoff of Gemini 8. Taken March 1966. via

Gemini 12 rendezvous with the Agena over the Earth. Taken November 1966. via

Buzz Aldrin "selfie." Taken November 1966. via

First photo of a man on the moon, featuring Neil Armstrong. Taken July 1969. via