These Costco-Themed Pajamas Pay Homage to Their Famous Pizza and Sample Tables

Costco / Costco
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If you're looking for another way to flaunt your love of Costco, now you can wrap yourself in these Costco-themed ladies' flannel pajamas every night. Complete with a pair of matching socks, this PJ set is available on the retailer’s website for $10.

The pajamas are decorated with just about everything people have come to know and love about the iconic bulk retailer: giant slices of their famous pizza, snack containers the size of oil drums, and their trademark free sample table that customers have been known to make meals out of. Along with a drawstring and an elastic waistband, the bottoms also feature snap cuffs, allowing you to adjust the pant leg to your optimal length. This PJ set comes with three pockets and a blue and white print on the cuffs, drawstring, and waistband.

Each pair of Costco pajamas comes with a pair of matching socks.
Each pair of Costco pajamas comes with a pair of matching socks. / Costco

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