This Adjustable Cooling Pillow Is Designed for Neck Relief No Matter How You Sleep

Cotton Shower
Cotton Shower / Cotton Shower
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Cotton Shower is looking to end the unpleasant experience of trying to fall asleep in the heat with the Dullo Plus cooling pillow.

Available on Kickstarter beginning at $64, this pillow stays cool for up to eight hours and is easy to use. All you need to do is store the three included cooling packs in the freezer until you’re ready to use them, slip them into the leak-proof insert, and put the insert into the pillow pocket right before bed.

Along with keeping you cool, the double-sided design of the Dullo can help with your sleep posture. According to the company, the arched side of the pillow is ideal for side-sleepers, as it molds better around the body and reduces the space between the pillow and the neck. Meanwhile, the crown side provides extra neck support for those who sleep on their backs. The pillow also comes with a cotton insert, which slides right into the pillow's front pouch and provides extra neck support.

This is Cotton Shower's third Kickstarter campaign—last year more than 2500 people backed their double-sided Dullo pillow. At $54,663, they've already surpassed their original $5000 campaign goal. But you can still help bring the project to life until March 19 by heading here.

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