If one of your winter goals is to achieve maximum warmth and hygge, you need the right comfort items, which is where these adorable heated slippers from Smoko come in. And you can find ones that look like dumplings, corgis, and bears for $35 at Urban Outfitters.

Plush, heated, and made of fleece, these are pretty much anything you could ever want in a pair of slippers. Warming them up is easy. Simply use the included 60-inch USB cord and plug them into any compatible port, such as your computer or laptop. You can either fully charge them before walking around the house or keep them plugged in for constant warmth while you’re just sitting and relaxing. According to Smoko, these slippers will fit up to a ladies’ size 12.

Charge up these slippers to walk around the house or just leave them plugged in if you're relaxing. Urban Outfitters

The slippers are currently sitting at 4.9 out of five stars from reviewers on Urban Outfitters and would make the perfect companion piece to Smoko's heated plushies ($29) that you can also get in corgi and dumpling varieties.

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