If you wish you could watch Friends 24/7, don’t worry—we’re right there with you. To ease the pain of waiting to stream Friends on HBO Max in May (and to catch the unscripted special featuring the entire cast), this Central Perk sign will make you feel like you’re one of the gang.

Listed at $40 on Urban Outfitters, this LED sign with neon lighting can be mounted to the wall or displayed freestanding on its own, so there's no need to “PIVOT!” when you want to change up your décor. And at 12 inches across and 6 inches tall, it’s small enough that it can fit in any space. USB-powered and with a wipe-clean surface, even someone with Rachel’s waitressing ability can keep it looking shiny.

These Friends trivia coasters test who knows the most about the famous sitcom.Urban Outfitters

But no sign alone can bring Central Perk to your home. Complete the look with these trivia coasters, which are $10 for a set of 20 on Urban Outfitters. Each hardboard coaster features two trivia questions—a "Fan" question and a "Superfan" question—along with the answers. For nights when you just want to stay in and pretend like you’re in a periwinkle apartment of your very own, these coasters are even more entertaining than that time Monica wore a turkey on her head.

Deck your pooch out in this Friends shirt.Urban Outfitters

To up your fan game even more, Urban Outfitters has a Friends pet tee for $17, so, like the product description says, your pooch can channel “their inner Phoebe, Monica, Chandler, Joey, Ross, or Rachel any day of the week.” It’s made of a stretch jersey knit fabric and is machine washable, so your furry friend and their Friends tee never have to go on a break.

Other Friends keychains include Ross, Monica, and Marcel.Urban Outfitters

There are some days when even the Friends gang has to leave their apartments to join the real world, and you do, too. That’s why Urban has these adorable Friends keychains for only $8 each. Made of PVC and metal, they come in an assortment of characters (Marcel!) and designs—and Urban will choose one for you at random, so you’ll get a fun surprise in the mail.

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