Make Sure You're Getting the Perfect Cut Every Time With This Adjustable Kitchen Knife

This knife allows you to measure out your slices.
This knife allows you to measure out your slices.
The Grommet

A good knife is an essential tool for any home cook, but getting the exact thickness you want while slicing fruits and vegetables can be tricky. So to make meal prep easier, you can give this adjustable precision knife from The Grommet ($60) a try.

The BaouRouge precision knife allows you to cut vegetables, breads, fruits, or meats into slices ranging from 1/16 of an inch to half an inch thick, thanks to an adjustable cutting guide that measures it all out for you. The guide can be fastened to whatever thickness you want, with the help of an adjustable knob that locks it into place once it's in the desired position. Then it's just a matter of lining the guide up with what you're slicing and using the 8.25-inch serrated blade to make the cut.

The blade itself is made from carbon-hardened Japanese steel, and while it can go in the dishwasher in a pinch, it’s best to wash it by hand with warm water and soap to preserve the product's longevity. It’s also important to note that the knife is intended for right-handed users.

Once you have your knife, it’s time to upgrade the rest of your kitchen. From a salad dressing mixer to a frozen yogurt machine, check out these other kitchen gadgets you'll love.

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10 Products for a Better Night's Sleep

Amazon/Comfort Spaces
Amazon/Comfort Spaces

Getting a full eight hours of sleep can be tough these days. If you’re having trouble catching enough Zzzs, consider giving these highly rated and recommended products a try.

1. Everlasting Comfort Pure Memory Foam Knee Pillow; $25

Everlasting Comfort Knee Pillow
Everlasting Comfort/Amazon

For side sleepers, keeping the spine, hips, and legs aligned is key to a good night’s rest—and a pain-free morning after. Everlasting Comfort’s memory foam knee pillow is ergonomically designed to fit between the knees or thighs to ensure proper alignment. One simple but game-changing feature is the removable strap, which you can fasten around one leg; this keeps the pillow in place even as you roll at night, meaning you don’t have to wake up to adjust it (or pick it up from your floor). Reviewers call the pillow “life-changing” and “the best knee pillow I’ve found.” Plus, it comes with two pairs of ear plugs.

Buy it: Amazon

2. Letsfit White Noise Machine; $21

Letsfit White Noise Machine

White noise machines: They’re not just for babies! This Letsfit model—which is rated 4.7 out of five with nearly 3500 reviews—has 14 potential sleep soundtracks, including three white noise tracks, to better block out everything from sirens to birds that chirp enthusiastically at dawn (although there’s also a birds track, if that’s your thing). It also has a timer function and a night light.

Buy it: Amazon

3. ECLIPSE Blackout Curtains; $16

Eclipse Black Out Curtains

According to the National Sleep Foundation, too much light in a room when you’re trying to snooze is a recipe for sleep disaster. These understated polyester curtains from ECLIPSE block 99 percent of light and reduce noise—plus, they’ll help you save on energy costs. "Our neighbor leaves their backyard light on all night with what I can only guess is the same kind of bulb they use on a train headlight. It shines across their yard, through ours, straight at our bedroom window," one Amazon reviewer who purchased the curtains in black wrote. "These drapes block the light completely."

Buy it: Amazon

4. JALL Wake Up Light Sunrise Alarm Clock; $38

JALL Wake Up Light Sunrise Alarm Clock

Being jarred awake by a blaring alarm clock can set the wrong mood for the rest of your day. Wake up in a more pleasant way with this clock, which gradually lights up between 10 percent and 100 percent in the 30 minutes before your alarm. You can choose between seven different colors and several natural sounds as well as a regular alarm beep, but why would you ever use that? “Since getting this clock my sleep has been much better,” one reviewer reported. “I wake up not feeling tired but refreshed.”

Buy it: Amazon

5. Philips SmartSleep Wake-Up Light; $200

Philips SmartSleep Wake-Up Light

If you’re looking for an alarm clock with even more features, Philips’s SmartSleep Wake-Up Light is smartphone-enabled and equipped with an AmbiTrack sensor, which tracks things like bedroom temperature, humidity, and light levels, then gives recommendations for how you can get a better night’s rest.

Buy it: Amazon

6. Slumber Cloud Stratus Sheet Set; $159

Stratus sheets from Slumber Cloud.
Slumber Cloud

Being too hot or too cold can kill a good night’s sleep. The Good Housekeeping Institute rated these sheets—which are made with Outlast fibers engineered by NASA—as 2020’s best temperature-regulating sheets.

Buy it: SlumberCloud

7. Comfort Space Coolmax Sheet Set; $29-$40

Comfort Spaces Coolmax Sheets
Comfort Spaces/Amazon

If $159 sheets are out of your price range, the GHI recommends these sheets from Comfort Spaces, which are made with moisture-wicking Coolmax microfiber. Depending on the size you need, they range in price from $29 to $40.

Buy it: Amazon

8. Coop Home Goods Eden Memory Foam Pillow; $80

Coop Eden Pillow
Coop Home Goods/Amazon

This pillow—which has a 4.5-star rating on Amazon—is filled with memory foam scraps and microfiber, and comes with an extra half-pound of fill so you can add, or subtract, the amount in the pillow for ultimate comfort. As a bonus, the pillows are hypoallergenic, mite-resistant, and washable.

Buy it: Amazon

9. Baloo Weighted Blanket; $149-$169

Baloo Weighted Blanket

Though the science is still out on weighted blankets, some people swear by them. Wirecutter named this Baloo blanket the best, not in small part because, unlike many weighted blankets, it’s machine-washable and -dryable. It’s currently available in 12-pound ($149) twin size and 20-pound ($169) queen size. It’s rated 4.7 out of five stars on Amazon, with one reviewer reporting that “when it's spread out over you it just feels like a comfy, snuggly hug for your whole body … I've found it super relaxing for falling asleep the last few nights, and it looks nice on the end of the bed, too.” 

Buy it: Amazon 

10. Philips Smartsleep Snoring Relief Band; $200

Philips SmartSleep Snoring Relief Band

Few things can disturb your slumber—and that of the ones you love—like loudly sawing logs. Philips’s Smartsleep Snoring Relief Band is designed for people who snore when they’re sleeping on their backs, and according to the company, 86 percent of people who used the band reported reduced snoring after a month. The device wraps around the torso and is equipped with a sensor that delivers vibrations if it detects you moving to sleep on your back; those vibrations stop when you roll onto your side. The next day, you can see how many hours you spent in bed, how many of those hours you spent on your back, and your response rate to the vibrations. The sensor has an algorithm that notes your response rate and tweaks the intensity of vibrations based on that. “This device works exactly as advertised,” one Amazon reviewer wrote. “I’d say it’s perfect.”

Buy it: Amazon

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This Fully Automated Smart Garden Lets You Grow Fresh Herbs, Fruits, and Veggies With the Click of a Button

Click & Grow
Click & Grow

Having your own personal garden is good for your health, the environment, and your wallet. However, traditional home gardens require a lot of time and know-how many of us simply don’t have. Things get even tricker when it comes to the space we have available, since, according to the U.S. Census Bureau, roughly 80 percent of Americans live in urban areas.

But a company called Click & Grow is looking to change that with the Smart Garden 9, a fully automated garden that can help you grow fresh, organic produce year-round with zero effort, no matter where you live.

The Smart Garden 9 is ‘The Keurig Of Plants’

The Smart Garden 9 is designed for simplicity—if you can use a Keurig coffee machine, you can use this. All you have to do is insert a seed pod, fill the tank with water, and let the system take care of everything else.

Smart Garden 9
Click & Grow

The garden itself can grow up to nine plants at one time, but it's compact enough to easily fit on the counter space in most homes and offices. Every Smart Garden 9 comes with three tomato seed pods, three basil seed pods, and three romaine lettuce seed pods to get you started. Click & Grow also has over 50 different pre-seeded plant pods to choose from, and their companion app can teach you everything you need to know about every single one of them.

The Technology

The Smart Garden 9 has a number of features specifically designed to speed up growth and maximize yields, including:

  • Biodome Sprouting: During the initial growing stage, lids cover the seed pods, creating a greenhouse effect for faster sprouting.
  • Grow Lights: The Smart Garden 9 uses professional-grade LED grow lights with enhanced light spectra that spur faster germination. These lights turn on and off automatically to mimic the natural light cycle, making sure your plants get the exact amount and type of light they need.
  • Automatic watering: The Smart Garden 9 has sensors that detect moisture levels and automatically water your plants only when needed. All you have to do is refill the reservoir tank about once a month.
  • Smart Soil: Smart Garden seed pods do not use regular soil. Instead, the pods are filled with a proprietary nano material created by Click & Grow. This material keeps soil pH balanced, automatically releases nutrients in sync with the plant life cycle, and contains tiny oxygen pockets to guarantee plants get ample breathing room and nutrients even when the soil is wet.

The entire Smart Garden 9 system uses just 6.2 kWh of electricity per month, which is a small percentage of the 897 kWh an average American household goes through every month. You'll also use 95 percent less water than traditional agriculture and produce faster growing cycles without pesticides.

Click & Grow is selling the Smart Garden 9 for $200, and you can check it out for yourself here.

This article contains affiliate links to products selected by our editors. Mental Floss may receive a commission for purchases made through these links.