Make Sure You're Getting the Perfect Cut Every Time With This Adjustable Kitchen Knife

This knife allows you to measure out your slices.
This knife allows you to measure out your slices. / The Grommet
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A good knife is an essential tool for any home cook, but getting the exact thickness you want while slicing fruits and vegetables can be tricky. So to make meal prep easier, you can give this adjustable precision knife from The Grommet ($60) a try.

The BaouRouge precision knife allows you to cut vegetables, breads, fruits, or meats into slices ranging from 1/16 of an inch to half an inch thick, thanks to an adjustable cutting guide that measures it all out for you. The guide can be fastened to whatever thickness you want, with the help of an adjustable knob that locks it into place once it's in the desired position. Then it's just a matter of lining the guide up with what you're slicing and using the 8.25-inch serrated blade to make the cut.

The blade itself is made from carbon-hardened Japanese steel, and while it can go in the dishwasher in a pinch, it’s best to wash it by hand with warm water and soap to preserve the product's longevity. It’s also important to note that the knife is intended for right-handed users.

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