Sometimes you just need a little extra warmth and comfort to get through the homestretch of winter. And what better way to do that than by giving an adorable, warm plush animal a hug? You can find microwavable stuffed corgis, sloths, llamas, and other creatures at Urban Outfitters, ranging from $14–$32.

Simply heat these adorable, buckwheat-filled plushes in the microwave, and either put them on your achy joints or just give them a squeeze. These little creatures are also scented with lavender, which is soothing to smell, and, according to some studies, can act as a natural sleep aid. Perfect for living your best hygge life.

But these pint-size critters don’t just warm you up. You can also stick them in the freezer and then apply them as cute ice packs.

If you don't find your ideal animal, you can also check out Warmies. These microwavable plushes come in elephant, sloth, and other models. Browse them here.

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