You Can Win a 14-Day Trip to Antarctica With National Geographic and Donate to Charity at the Same Time

You could win a trip to Antarctica by entering this contest from Omaze.
You could win a trip to Antarctica by entering this contest from Omaze. / NicoElNino, iStock via Getty Images Plus
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If you have an urge to explore the globe for a good cause, this contest from Omaze gives you and a guest a chance to win a 14-day trip to Antarctica, while donating money to The National Geographic Society at the same time. All you have to do is head here by April 2, 2020, and donate as little as $10 for 100 contest entries and up to $100 for 2000 entries. You can also get one entry into the contest without contributing any money.

If you're the lucky winner, your journey to the continent will start with a flight to Argentina, where you’ll have the opportunity to explore the capital city, Buenos Aires. You’ll also take a cruise on a catamaran through the Beagle Channel, home to wildlife such as sea lions, pygmy right whales, and possibly even penguins at certain times of the year.

On the boat that takes you to Antarctica, you'll meet up with the expedition staff, including an expert from National Geographic. Once you reach your destination, you’ll have six days to explore the continent by land and by sea, via kayaks and zodiac landing crafts, which are perfect for zipping around the ocean. Flights, hotel rooms, and ship accommodations are all included in the package.

The National Geographic Society was first founded in 1888, and every year it awards more than 450 grants to scientists, educators, and storytellers across the globe in an attempt to spread geographic knowledge and preserve the world's cultural and natural resources.

The winner of the contest will be announced on or around April 22, 2020, according to Omaze.

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