11 Parenting Tasks Made Easier by Photo Measurement Technology

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Becoming a parent is probably the biggest change you’ll ever experience in life. Technology — such as the ability to measure the images in your photos—that can help pick up the slack and streamline mundane activities is a huge benefit when you’ve got bigger and better things to worry about than remembering to bring a tape measure.

1. Planning the Nursery 

You can measure the room before you head to the store, but once you’re standing among rows of baby furniture, trying to visualize all the different permutations of cribs and changing tables, all those numbers go out the window. Instead, just snap a quick pic of anything you’re considering and compare the sizes once you’re back home in the space where all these things will actually go.

2. Measuring Your Child’s Height 

While you’re measuring everything else in their life, don’t forget to measure your little bundle of joy. With photo measuring technology, you can use your family photos to chart your child’s growth from baby to toddler to—dare we say it?—teenager.

3. Double-Checking Their Car Safety 

Most parents know to put their baby in a car seat, but studies now show that many parents transition their kids to regular seats too soon. To be safe, measure your children regularly—they shouldn’t be out of their booster seats until they’re at least 57 inches tall.

4. Helping to Decorate for School Dances 

You’ve just found out that your child volunteered you for the Homecoming Dance decorating committee (yippee!). Make your shopping list in a snap by taking a photo of the gymnasium with your tablet. Then, use Intel® RealSense™ snapshot to measure all the space’s nooks and crannies and calculate just how many banners, balloons, and streamers you’ll need. 

5. Quantifying Their Athletic Achievements 

She shot that three-pointer from how far away? And launched that home run ball how far into the stands? As long as you snapped a timely photo—and when aren’t you documenting your child’s games?—you can measure the exact distance. Then, keep a chart of your child’s athletic records so you can both marvel in her progress.

6. Setting Up a Tire Swing 

It’s a childhood staple and now your kids want one. But measuring the height of that perfectly positioned branch to determine how much rope you need is practically impossible—especially if your tree-climbing days are behind you—with a traditional tape measure. Don’t rely on guesswork that could land you with a swing that’s out of reach, just take a picture of the tree and measure the height from the safety of solid ground.

7. Hunting for Great Gifts 

Keep a photo of your son’s or daughter’s room and your backyard on your tablet and you’ll always be prepared to pick up the perfect gift should you spot it. Having the photo handy saves you a trip back home to check whether that poster, play set, or jungle gym will fit in the allotted space.

8. Make Moving Easier

As your family grows, you might need your home to do the same. And if there’s ever a time when it’s important to know dimensions (of rooms, furniture, artwork—you name it), it’s while house-hunting. Document everything you see by taking photos so you can compare measurements once you’re back at home.

9. Setting Up a Basketball Hoop

If you want to encourage your kids to play outside, having a good basketball hoop is a great way to do so. It doesn’t have to be regulation height from the get-go, but if you have the kind that hangs from the garage or the side of the house, photo-measuring technology is great for determining the hoop’s ideal height for your kids’ skills.

10. Building a Tree House 

Earn your place as Parent of the Year by building your kid a custom tree house. Use photo-measuring technology to help create a blueprint for your building before heading to the hardware store for supplies. Being organized will make the construction that much easier—for you or your contractor.

11. Helping Furnish a Dorm Room

Parenting isn’t over once the kids are off to college, and you wouldn’t want it to be! Snap a few different shots of their new digs when you drop them off at school that first time and you’ll be set to send perfectly-proportioned gifts, like a new rug that’s just the right size, without having to hassle them for measurements.

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