The 8 Best Robot Vacuums, According to Amazon Reviews

Cross one thing off your to-do list with a robot vacuum cleaner.
Cross one thing off your to-do list with a robot vacuum cleaner.

If you’re looking to cross vacuuming off your weekly to-do list, it's time to call on the robots for some help. The current robot vacuums you see in stores now aren't the same clunky machines from years back that bumped into every piece of furniture in the house and constantly got stuck in corners; many of the models today have sensors to avoid obstacles and can be programmed with an app or through Alexa and Google Assistant, so you can control the whole process without having to even leave the couch (or be in the house at all).

But there are a lot of choices in the robot vacuum market at the moment, so we've put together this list of the top-rated models on Amazon (only one from each brand) with at least a 1000 user reviews.

1. Coredy Robot Vacuum Cleaner (4.6 stars); $180

The Coredy robot vacuum.
The Coredy can run up to two hours on a single charge.

The Coredy can handle large areas of floor just as well as it can clean precise corners, and when it needs a charge, it automatically heads back into its charging station. This model is activated through a remote control, but there's also an upgraded version that works with your smartphone or Alexa.

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2. eufy BoostIQ Slim RoboVac (4.4 stars); $160

A eufy robot vacuum.
This model automatically returns to the charging station when its battery is low.

This eufy model is the company's slimmest vacuum yet. Able to automatically increase its suction power in under two seconds, you won’t need to worry about particularly tough spots on hardwood floors or carpets. And with its ability to run quietly and find its own charging station, you just might forget you own one—except for the fact that your floors will be spotless.

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3. Goovi Robot Vacuum (4.4 stars); $190

The Goovi robot vacuum cleaner.
This design can clean all the hard-to-reach places.

You can tell this vacuum to start cleaning with its remote control or simply by pressing the power button. Its large wheels allow it to roll from hardwood floor to carpet with ease, while its thin design means it can fit under those hard-to-reach spaces like the couch or bed.

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4. iRobot Roomba 675 Robot Vacuum (4.3 stars); $269

The iRobot vacuum cleaner.
You can use the app to schedule cleanings ahead of time.

The iRobot Roomba has been one of the premier robot vacuums on the market since the beginning, and with a 4.3-star rating on Amazon, the company still regularly tops "best of" lists for both value and performance. This Roomba's dual multi-surface brushes allow it to pick up dust, dirt, and debris from both carpeted and hardwood floors, and cleanings can be scheduled through an app or via Alexa or Google Assistant.

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5. Roborock E35 Robot Vacuum and Mop (4.4 stars); $320

The roborock robot vacuum.
This model won't only vacuum the floor, it'll mop it too.

This model will take care of the mopping and the vacuuming, and it's ideal for homes that have dogs and cats running around. Like some other vacuums, you can schedule cleanings and monitor its progress through Roborock’s Mi Home app, and the large battery means it can clean for up to two and a half hours without needing a charge.

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6. ILIFE V3s PRo Robot Vacuum Cleaner (4.2 stars); $160

The ILIFE robot vacuum
This model keeps debris from getting tangled in the roller.

This particular model has three built-in sensors that prevent it from falling or bumping into furniture, and its tangle-free suction means you won’t be fishing any debris out of the roller. The remote allows you to swap between its three cleaning modes—auto mode, edge mode, and space mode—and at only 3 inches tall, it can clean under most furniture.

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7. ECOVACS DEEBOT Robotic Vacuum Cleaner (4.1 stars); $180

The ECOVACS robot vacuum.
This one is so quiet you can barely hear it.

Compatible with the major smart hubs from Amazon and Google, you'll no longer have to get out of bed to get vacuuming done. And one of the best parts? The battery life is a hefty 110 minutes, so the DEEBOT can stay on the job for nearly two hours before needing a charge.

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8. Shark IQ Robot Vacuum (4.1 stars); $526

The Shark robot vacuum.
You can schedule cleanings from anywhere with its app.

Along with working on hardwood floors and carpets, the Shark IQ has a self-cleaning brush roll, so you won't need to waste time cleaning out dirt or pet hair. This smart vacuum also has angled side brushes so it can easily clean hard-to-reach corners, while the powerful suction picks up any stray debris.

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This Innovative Cutting Board Takes the Mess Out of Meal Prep

There's no way any of these ingredients will end up on the floor.
There's no way any of these ingredients will end up on the floor.
TidyBoard, Kickstarter

Transferring food from the cutting board to the bowl—or scraps to the compost bin—can get a little messy, especially if you’re dealing with something that has a tendency to roll off the board, spill juice everywhere, or both (looking at you, cherry tomatoes).

The TidyBoard, available on Kickstarter, is a cutting board with attached containers that you can sweep your ingredients right into, taking the mess out of meal prep and saving you some counter space in the process. The board itself is 15 inches by 20 inches, and the container that fits in its empty slot is 14 inches long, 5.75 inches wide, and more than 4 inches deep. Two smaller containers fit inside the large one, making it easy to separate your ingredients.

Though the 4-pound board hangs off the edge of your counter, good old-fashioned physics will keep it from tipping off—as long as whatever you’re piling into the containers doesn’t exceed 9 pounds. It also comes with a second set of containers that work as strainers, so you can position the TidyBoard over the edge of your sink and drain excess water or juice from your ingredients as you go.

You can store food in the smaller containers, which have matching lids; and since they’re all made of BPA-free silicone, feel free to pop them in the microwave. (Remove the small stopper on top of the lid first for a built-in steaming hole.)

tidyboard storage containers
They also come in gray, if teal isn't your thing.

Not only does the bamboo-made TidyBoard repel bacteria, it also won’t dull your knives or let strong odors seep into it. In short, it’s an opportunity to make cutting, cleaning, storing, and eating all easier, neater, and more efficient. Prices start at $79, and it’s expected to ship by October 2020—you can find out more details and order yours on Kickstarter.

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9 Great Gifts for the Friends Fanatic


More than 16 years after its final episode aired, Friends is still one of the most popular sitcoms around—and every day, new fans are discovering the iconic '90s series, whether it's through reruns that play all day long on TV or by streaming the show on the new HBO Max service. That means that you either have a Friends fan in your life that you'll want to buy a surprise for—or maybe you just want to treat yourself. Either way, here are a few of our favorite Friends gifts.

1. Friends Box; $36 per box

Friends box from CultureFly

If you’re looking for a Friends gift that keeps on giving, you’ve found it. The Friends Subscription Box from CultureFly provides a plethora of goodies quarterly, with its contents determined by a particular season of the hit TV show. In each box, you’ll find cool collectibles and signature items that you can’t find elsewhere, like a plush version of Marcel or a Central Perk fleece blanket.

Buy it: CultureFly

2. Monica's Door Pool Float; $30

Friends pool float on Amazon.

If you’re a true Friends fan, you know how necessary this pool float is. Shaped like Monica's trademark purple apartment door, this float measures in at over 55 inches long and features a peephole that's more than just a screen-accurate decoration—it actually works, allowing you to feel more like a Geller than ever.

Buy it: Amazon

3. Central Perk Ceramic Mug; $21

Central Perk mug from Friends.

Central Perk is the epicenter of the Friends universe, so it’s only fitting to commemorate the gang's home away from home with this 24-ounce coffee mug that should hold enough java to get you through an entire episode.

Buy it: Toynk

4. "PIVOT!" T-Shirt; $23-$27

Friends "Pivot" shirt from Hot Topic.

One of Ross’s more undignified moments came during a failed attempt to get a humongous couch up a narrow staircase with Rachel and Chandler serving as helpers (though they could have really used the freakishly strong Monica). Now you can relive the infamous "pivot!" scene with this made-to-order shirt from Hot Topic, featuring an exasperated Ross front and center.

Buy it: Hot Topic

5. Smelly Cat Face Mask; $10

Friends mask from Teepublic.

For all the diehard "Smelly Cat" fans out there, this is the perfect gift for 2020. Now you’ll be able to stay safe during the pandemic and still wear Friends-inspired merch in style. The mask comes in standard and double-pleated versions, and TeePublic will donate a medical-grade mask for every one of these that are purchased.

Buy it: TeePublic

6. Friends Lip Balm; $9

Friends lip balm on Amazon.

They may not taste like a latte, but these Friends-themed lip balms are still authentic collectibles for fans of the series. Modeled after Central Perk to-go cups, the balms come in strawberry or vanilla flavors and stand at just 1.75 inches tall, making them perfect for slipping into a purse, backpack, or glove compartment.

Buy it: Amazon

7. Friends Trivia Game

Friends trivia from Lacesi.

Do you remember Chandler’s middle name? How about how Rachel chipped her tooth in season 4? This trivia game features 342 questions stretched across topics from all 10 seasons of the show. And while the rules are simple, there is one requirement: You must be a Friends fanatic to come out on top.

Buy it: Amazon

8. Central Perk Neon Light; $40

Central Perk neon light-up sign.

What better statement piece could there possibly be for a Friends fan? This light-up Central Perk sign would be right at home in the kitchen, living room, or just in a bedroom as a night light. No matter where this neon light is placed, it’s sure to liven up the place.

Buy it: Entertainment Earth

9. Friends Novelty Quote Socks; $17

Friends socks.

These comfy and colorful Friends ankle socks come in packs of five and feature a different slogan and graphic on each, so you can pick the perfect pair depending on your mood. Feeling affectionate? Go with the warm and fuzzy "You're my lobster." Not in the mood? Well, then opt for the classic "We were on a break!"

Buy it: Toynk

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