Mooove Over, Florida Man: A Florida Cow on the Loose Is Wanted By Police

Tim Graham, iStock via Getty Images
Tim Graham, iStock via Getty Images

The Pembroke Pines Police Department is asking for the public's help in tracking down a fugitive. According to her "wanted" poster, she's a talented fence jumper, faster than she looks, and has brown and white fur.

The unknown cow has been on the loose in Pembroke Pines, Florida, since at least January 2020, UPI reports."It has managed to evade capture by both our officers & assisting cow herders since January, due to its surprising speed and amazing fence jumping skills," the local police department wrote in a Facebook post describing her.

It's unclear where the bovine outlaw came from, but police say she's been spotted around Sheridan Street and Interstate 75. While she isn't considered aggressive, she is known to wander into roadways, potentially posing a threat to herself and motorists. In addition to evading police capture and making herself a traffic hazard, she apparently enjoys taking dips in other people's pools.

Pembroke Pines residents are urged to call 954-431-2200 if they have any information regarding the animal's origins or its current whereabouts. It's unclear what authorities would do with the incredibly agile cow if they caught it, but animal arrests aren't unprecedented. Here are some animals that have been taken into police custody.

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Drunken Thieves Tried Stealing Stones From Notre-Dame

Athanasio Gioumpasis, Getty Images

With Paris, France, joining a long list of locales shutting down due to coronavirus, two thieves decided the time was right to attempt a clumsy heist—stealing stones from the Notre-Dame cathedral.

The crime occurred last Tuesday, March 17, and appeared from the start to be ill-conceived. The two intruders entered the cathedral and were immediately spotted by guards, who phoned police. When authorities found them, the trespassers were apparently drunk and attempting to hide under a tarpaulin with a collection of stones they had taken from the premises. Both men were arrested.

It’s believed the offenders intended to sell the material for a profit. Stones from the property sometimes come up for sale on the black market, though most are fake.

The crime comes as Paris is not only dealing with the coronavirus pandemic but a massive effort to restore Notre-Dame after the cathedral was ravaged by a fire in 2019. That work has come to a halt in the wake of the health crisis, though would-be looters should take note that guards still patrol the property.

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Crepe and Punishment: Police in Surrey, England Are Using Pancakes to Share Wanted Posters

Svetlana Monyakova, iStock via Getty Images
Svetlana Monyakova, iStock via Getty Images

It can be hard to get people to care about local crime, so the police department of Surrey, England, recently took advantage of something everyone has an opinion on: breakfast. As Sky News reports, the Surrey Police have updated their social media with wanted posters of suspects superimposed onto pancakes.

The functional flapjacks were shared on Pancake Day, or Shrove Tuesday, February 25. They're in the style of the pancake art that's popular on social media, but instead of cute cartoon characters, they depict faces of people wanted by the authorities.

"We’ve asked Crepe Artiste Philippe de Pan to help us locate some of our most wanted through the medium of pancake art," the Surrey police tweeted on Pancake Day. In a later tweet, they confess that Philippe de Pan isn't a real person and the appetizing wanted posters were rendered digitally.

With one picture, the department tweeted, "If you can help us crepe up on him, give us a call." They also shared real photos of the suspects for clarity, saying: "If you are struggling a bit with the 'crepe' artwork, maybe this 'batter' image will help!"

The stunt was pulled as a joke, but it could be an effective way to get people's attention. Most Twitter users scroll through their feeds quickly, but if they see a fluffy stack of pancakes, they maple the break, fast.

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