Mooove Over, Florida Man: A Florida Cow on the Loose Is Wanted By Police

Tim Graham, iStock via Getty Images
Tim Graham, iStock via Getty Images / Tim Graham, iStock via Getty Images

The Pembroke Pines Police Department is asking for the public's help in tracking down a fugitive. According to her "wanted" poster, she's a talented fence jumper, faster than she looks, and has brown and white fur.

The unknown cow has been on the loose in Pembroke Pines, Florida, since at least January 2020, UPI reports."It has managed to evade capture by both our officers & assisting cow herders since January, due to its surprising speed and amazing fence jumping skills," the local police department wrote in a Facebook post describing her.

It's unclear where the bovine outlaw came from, but police say she's been spotted around Sheridan Street and Interstate 75. While she isn't considered aggressive, she is known to wander into roadways, potentially posing a threat to herself and motorists. In addition to evading police capture and making herself a traffic hazard, she apparently enjoys taking dips in other people's pools.

Pembroke Pines residents are urged to call 954-431-2200 if they have any information regarding the animal's origins or its current whereabouts. It's unclear what authorities would do with the incredibly agile cow if they caught it, but animal arrests aren't unprecedented. Here are some animals that have been taken into police custody.

[h/t UPI]