Hot Topic's Flash Sale Sees Big Discounts on Marvel Funkos, Band T-Shirts, and Office Collectibles

Funkos for Marvel's upcoming Black Widow and plenty of Office trinkets are on sale today.
Funkos for Marvel's upcoming Black Widow and plenty of Office trinkets are on sale today. / Hot Topic
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As a store that carries pretty much everything pop culture, Hot Topic is the place to go if you're in the market for products revolving around your favorite niche. And today, the retailer is having a flash where you can save 30 percent on almost everything on their website.

Hot Topic started as a store that exclusively sold band merchandise, and while they’ve definitely expanded, it’s still one of their trademarks. And today shoppers can take 30 percent off T-shirts from groups like the Beastie Boys, The Beatles, and many others.

Marvel fans can also get their merchandise fix with Funko Pops based on the upcoming Black Widow, along with comic-themed sweaters, T-shirts, and more. And if you're still not done filling your home with The Office products quite yet, you'll find plenty of deals on collectibles like Michael Scott and Dwight Schrute action figures, a Recyclops T-shirt, and a throw blanket featuring some of Michael's best lines.

This sale won’t last forever, so head over to Hot Topic’s website to learn more.

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