Slice Cherry Tomatoes In Seconds With This Brilliantly Simple Kitchen Hack

Bartosz Luczak, iStock via Getty Images
Bartosz Luczak, iStock via Getty Images / Bartosz Luczak, iStock via Getty Images

Tomatoes come in many shapes and sizes, but if you like to minimize work in the kitchen, you may stick to the larger varieties. Tiny cherry tomatoes are juicy and delicious, but they can also be a pain to slice in half individually. Next time you're making a recipe that calls for a lot of cherry tomatoes, save yourself precious prep time with this hack.

According to The Kitchn, you can cut multiple cherry tomatoes at once using tools you likely have at home already. Start by gathering two plastic storage container lids and a sharp knife. By sandwiching a layer of 10 or so tomatoes between the lids, you can hold them firmly in place with one hand.

Press down on the top lid while using your free hand to slice the tomatoes horizontally. This method could also protect your hand should the knife wander too high while you're moving it.

Now that your cherry tomatoes have been perfectly halved, you can roast them, toss them into salads, or hollow them out and stuff them. And if you still aren't sure whether the tiny red things in your fridge are cherry tomatoes or grape tomatoes, this explainer should clear things up. (Grape tomatoes have a thicker skin, so they may be slightly tougher to cut through using this hack.)

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