Ecco tutti i film e le serie TV disponibili su Disney+ ad Aprile ed il modo per ottenere una prova gratuita

Gareth Cattermole/Getty Images for Disney
Gareth Cattermole/Getty Images for Disney

Se siete alla ricerca di nuovi film e serie TV in streaming per tutta la famiglia e non sapete dove trovarli, Disney Plus è quello che fa per voi. La nuova piattaforma di streaming lanciata lo scorso novembre infatti, oltre ad offrire i grandi classici del caveau Disney, vanta nel proprio catalogo serie TV e documentari di Marvel, National Geographic, Pixar e dell’universo Star Wars. Grazie a TechRadar, abbiamo scoperto quali saranno i titoli disponibili sulla piattaforma a partire da aprile.

Potrete trovare film per tutti come il Dottor Dolittle ed Il Mistero dei Templari - National Treasure ed i nuovi episodi dell’ultima stagione di Star Wars: The Clone Wars. Inoltre potrete trovare l’ultimo film della Pixar, Onward-Oltre la magia, ad un solo mese dal suo successo nelle sale.

Per accedere al catalogo con tutti i film è necessario registrarsi a Disney Plus creando un account. Il costo è di 6.99$, ma potrete usufruire di una prova gratuita di 7 giorni cliccando qui.

1 Aprile

Il Dottor Dolittle

3 Aprile

Onward - Oltre la magia
Life on The Edge (nuovo episodio)
Dolphin Reef (nuovo episodio)
Diving With Dolphins (nuovo episodio)
Star Wars: The Clone Wars (nuovo episodio)
Disney's Fairy Tale Weddings (nuovo episodio, finale)
Shop Class (nuovo episodio)
Disney Family Sundays (nuovo episodio)
One Day At Disney (nuovo episodio)
Be Our Chef (nuovo episodio)
A Tale of Two Critters
In a Nutshell
Don’s Fountain of Youth
Donald’s Dog Laundry
Double Dribble
Dragon Around
Elmer Elephant
Fish Hooks (Stagione 1-3)
How to Play Football
Lambert, The Sheepish Lion
On Ice
Out of Scale
Pluto’s Party
Sea Scouts
Sonny with a Chance (Stagione 1-3)
The Boy Who Talked to Badgers
The New Neighbor
The Small One
The Straight Story

10 Aprile

A Celebration of Music from the Coco Premiere
Star Wars: The Clone Wars (nuovo episodio)
Shop Class (nuovo episodio)
Disney Family Sundays (nuovo episodio)
One Day At Disney (nuovo episodio)
Be Our Chef (nuovo episodio)
Life Below Zero (Stagione 14)
Paradise Island (Stagione 1)
Playtime with Puppy Dog Pals (Stagione 1)
Running Wild with Bear Grylls (Stagione 5)
Tut’s Treasures: Hidden Secrets (Stagione 1)

12 Aprile

PJ Masks (Stagione 3)

17 Aprile

Star Wars: The Clone Wars (Episodio 9, Stagione 7)
Shop Class (Nuovo episodio, finale)
Disney Family Sundays (Nuovo episodio)
One Day At Disney (Nuovo episodio)
Be Our Chef (Nuovo episodio)
Brain Games (Stagione 8)
Let’s Stick Together
Mickey and the Roadster Racers: Nutty Tales (Stagione 1 e 2)
Pluto’s Purchase
The Incredible Dr. Pol (Stagione 16)

19 Aprile

Just Roll with It (Stagione 1)

20 Aprile

Secrets of the Zoo: Tampa (Stagione 1)

22 Aprile

Fury Files
Jane Goodall: The Hope

23 Aprile

Disney Rapunzel’s Tangled Adventure (Stagione 3)

24 Aprile

America’s Funniest Home Videos (Stagioni 12-19, 23)
Man in Space
Mars and Beyond
The Olympic Elk
Star Wars: The Clone Wars (Nuovo episodio)
Disney Family Sundays (Nuovo episodio)
One Day At Disney (Nuovo episodio)
Be Our Chef (Nuovo episodio)

April 30

Il Mistero dei Templari - National Treasure

In Mental Floss scriviamo solo dei prodotti che amiamo e che vogliamo condividere con i nostri lettori, quindi tutti i prodotti vengono scelti indipendentemente dai nostri redattori. Mental Floss intrattiene rapporti di affiliazione con determinati rivenditori e può ricevere una percentuale di qualsiasi vendita effettuata dai collegamenti in questa pagina. Prezzi e disponibilità sono precisi al momento della pubblicazione.

13 Father's Day Gifts for Geeky Dads


When in doubt, you play the hits. Watches, flasks, and ties are all tried-and-true Father’s Day gifts—useful items bought en masse every June as the paternal holiday draws near. Here’s a list of goodies that put a geeky spin on those can’t-fail gifts. We’re talking Zelda flasks, wizard-shaped party mugs, and a timepiece inspired by BBC’s greatest sci-fi series, Doctor Who. Light the “dad” signal ‘cause it’s about to get nerdy!

1. Lord of the Rings Geeki Tikis (Set of Three); $76

'Lord of The Rings' themed tiki cups.

If your dad’s equally crazy about outdoor shindigs and Tolkien’s Middle-earth, help him throw his own Lothlórien luau with these Tiki-style ceramic mugs shaped like icons from the Lord of the Rings saga. Gollum and Frodo’s drinkware doppelgängers each hold 14 ounces of liquid, while Gandalf the Grey’s holds 18—but a wizard never brags, right? Star Wars editions are also available.

Buy it: Toynk

2. Space Invaders Cufflinks; $9

'Space Invaders' cufflinks on Amazon
Fifty 50/Amazon

Arcade games come and arcade games go, but Space Invaders has withstood the test of time. Now Pops can bring those pixelated aliens to the boardroom—and look darn stylish doing it.

Buy it: Amazon

3. Legend of Zelda Flask; $18

A 'Legend of Zelda' flask

Saving princesses is thirsty work. Shaped like an NES cartridge, this Zelda-themed flask boasts an 8-ounce holding capacity and comes with a reusable straw. Plus, it makes a fun little display item for gamer dads with man caves.

Buy it: Toynk

4. AT-AT Family Vacation Bag Tag; $12

An At-At baggage tag

Widely considered one of the greatest movie sequels ever made, The Empire Strikes Back throws a powerful new threat at Luke Skywalker and the Rebellion: the AT-AT a.k.a. Imperial Walkers. Now your dad can mark his luggage with a personalized tag bearing the war machine’s likeness.

Buy it: ShopDisney

5. Flash Skinny Tie; $17

A skinny Flash-themed tie

We’ll let you know if the Justice League starts selling new memberships, but here’s the next best thing. Available in a rainbow of super-heroic colors, this skinny necktie bears the Flash’s lightning bolt logo. Race on over to Amazon and pick one up today.

Buy it: Amazon

6. Captain America Shield Apron; $20

A Captain America themed apron

Why let DC fans have all the fun? Daddy-o can channel his inner Steve Rogers when he flips burgers at your family’s Fourth of July BBQ. Measuring 31.5 inches long by 27.5 inches wide, this apron’s guaranteed to keep the cookout Hydra-free.

Buy it: Toynk

7. Doctor Who Vortex Manipulator LCD Leather Wristwatch; $35

A Doctor Who-themed watch

At once classy and geeky, this digital timepiece lovingly recreates one of Doctor Who’s signature props. Unlike some of the gadgets worn on the long-running sci-fi series, it won’t require any fancy chronoplasm fuel.

Buy it: Toynk

8. Wonder Woman 3-Piece Grill Set; $21

Wonder Woman three-piece gill set

At one point in her decades-long comic book career, this Amazon Princess found herself working at a fast food restaurant called Taco Whiz. Now grill cooks can pay tribute to the heroine with these high-quality, stainless steel utensils. The set’s comprised of wide-tipped tongs, a BBQ fork, and a spatula, with the latter boasting Wonder Woman’s insignia.

Buy it: Toynk

9. Harry Potter Toon Tumbler; $10

Glassware that's Harry Potter themed
Entertainment Earth

You can never have too many pint glasses—and this Father’s Day, dad can knock one back for the boy who lived. This piece of Potter glassware from PopFun has whimsy to spare. Now who’s up for some butterbeer?

Buy it: EntertainmentEarth

10. House Stark Men’s Wallet; $16

A Game of Thrones themed watch

Winter’s no longer coming, but the Stark family's propensity for bold fashion choices can never die. Manufactured with both inside and outside pockets, this direwolf-inspired wallet is the perfect place to store your cards, cash, and ID.

Buy it: Toynk

11. Mr. Incredible “Incredible Dad” Mug, $15

An Incredibles themed mug

Cue the brass music. Grabbing some coffee with a Pixar superhero sounds like an awesome—or dare we say, incredible?—way for your dad to start his day. Mom can join in the fun, too: Disney also sells a Mrs. Incredible version of the mug.

Buy it: ShopDisney

12. Star Wars phone cases from Otterbox; $46-$56

Star Wars phone cases from OtterBox.

If your dad’s looking for a phone case to show off his love of all things Star Wars, head to Otterbox. Whether he’s into the Dark Side with Darth Vader and Kylo Ren, the droids, Chewbacca, or Boba Fett, you’ll be able to find a phone case to fit his preference. The designs are available for both Samsung and Apple products, and you can check them all out here.

Buy it: Otterbox

13. 3D Puzzles; $50

3D Harry Potter puzzle from Amazon.
Wrebbit 3D

Help dad recreate some of his favorite fictional locations with these 3D puzzles from Wrebbit 3D. The real standouts are the 850-piece model of Hogwarts's Great Hall and the 910-piece version of Winterfell from Game of Thrones. If dad's tastes are more in line with public broadcasting, you could also pick him up an 890-piece Downton Abbey puzzle to bring a little upper-crust elegance to the homestead.

Buy it: Hogwarts (Amazon), Winterfell (Amazon), Downton Abbey (Amazon)

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16 Priceless Treasures We've Lost Forever

jeanyfan, Wikimedia Commons // Public Domain
jeanyfan, Wikimedia Commons // Public Domain

Steven Spielberg is known for crafting such masterpieces as Jaws, E.T., Schindler's List, and Jurassic Park. With such a long and acclaimed film career, it probably wouldn't surprise anyone to learn that Spielberg got his start behind the camera at just 17 years old when (with the help of his friends and his high school marching band) he directed his first feature-length film, Firelight.

What's that? You've never seen Firelight? Well, you're certainly not alone; sadly, just under four minutes of the original footage remains. After screening Firelight for around 500 people, the young director sent a few of the film reels off to a producer for review. When the budding director later went back to retrieve his film, he discovered that the producer had been fired—and his movie had vanished.

Firelight is just one example of the many priceless items that have disappeared from history. On this episode of The List Show, we're rediscovering all sort of treasures—from writing by Ernest Hemingway to natural landmarks—that have been lost to time (or circumstance). You can watch the full episode below.

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