10 Great Sports Documentaries You Can Stream Right Now

The irreverent Screwball is just one of several sports titles available to stream.
The irreverent Screwball is just one of several sports titles available to stream.

Sports might be disrupted during the coronavirus pandemic, but that doesn’t mean you can’t witness some amazing athletic feats and stories. A number of sports documentaries are currently available that cover everything from baseball to climbing to bodybuilding. Take a look at 10 great sports documentaries you can watch right now.

1. I Am Bolt (2016)

Usain Bolt has proven time and again he's the fastest man alive. This film takes a closer look at Bolt's life, achievements, and legacy.

Find it: Netflix

2. In Search of Greatness (2019)

Sports legends like Wayne Gretzky and Jerry Rice discuss what made them excel in their athletic pursuits in this insightful look inside the mind of driven superstars.

Find it: Amazon Prime or Hulu

3. Screwball (2018)

Director Billy Corben (Cocaine Cowboys) turns his lens to the steroid epidemic in baseball and the eclectic cast of characters in and around Miami that helped fuel it. While no cameras were around to capture those illicit deals and stars like Alex Rodriguez were understandably unwilling to participate, Corben uses kid actors to dramatize the scandal.

Find It: Netflix 

4. The Battered Bastards of Baseball (2014)

In the 1970s, Bing Russell—father of actor Kurt Russell—assembled a ragtag band of baseball players in Portland, Oregon, to create a barnstorming independent team dubbed the Mavericks. Debauchery and underdog victories followed. (And yes, Kurt played for the team.)

Find It: Netflix

5. Free Solo (2018)

Few sports documentaries earn an Academy Award for Best Documentary, but one look at the eye-popping Free Solo demonstrates why the recognition was well-deserved. The film chronicles the life of free solo climber Alex Honnold as he prepares to ascend Yosemite's 3200-foot El Capitan without ropes or equipment. Unlike virtually any other sport on the planet, just one mistake could cost Honnold his life. 

Find It: Hulu or Disney+

6. The 24-Hour War (2016)

Dramatized on screen in 2019’s Ford vs. Ferrari, this documentary takes a closer looks at the rivalry between the American Ford Motor Company and Enzo Ferrari, which began in the 1960s after the Italian company resisted attempts to be bought out by the legendary car maker. Their battleground was the Le Mans, a 24-hour auto race where auto companies and drivers vied for racing dominance. High-definition racing footage puts you in the passenger’s seat.

Find It: Netflix

7. The Push (2018)

Shortly after an accident rendered him paralyzed, Grant Korgan attempted to cross the South Pole in a sit-ski, a journey that covers 80 miles in -40 degree conditions. His only companion was his wife, Shawna. Together, the two experienced an endurance test unlike any other.

Find It: Hulu

8. Team Foxcatcher (2016)

Millionaire John du Pont had an obsession with amateur wrestling, going so far as to invite the best athletes in the country to train at his elaborate facility in Pennsylvania to prepare for Olympic competition in the 1990s. But the eccentric du Pont blurred the line between benefactor and dictator, leading to tragic results for one of America’s best wrestlers.

Find It: Netflix

9. Tough Guy: The Bob Probert Story (2019)

Famed hockey enforcer Bob Probert lived a wild life both on and off the ice. This documentary looks at the NHL’s wildest brawler through the eyes of friends and family members, who reflect on Probert's career and the effect it might have had on him passing away at age 45 in 2010.

Find It: Amazon Prime

10. Ronnie Coleman: The King (2018)

With his freakish proportions, Ronnie Coleman dominated the professional bodybuilding scene for years. But the mental and physical demands of competition start to take their toll as Coleman grows older, and his body finally realizes the effects of moving massive amounts of weight.

Find It: Netflix

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