The IRS Launched an Online Tool to Track Your Stimulus Check

Jeff Fusco/Stringer/Getty Images
Jeff Fusco/Stringer/Getty Images / Jeff Fusco/Stringer/Getty Images

Once you confirm that you're one of the Americans eligible to receive a stimulus check from the government, your next step is figuring out when you'll get it. Starting this week, the first of the Economic Impact Payments will be sent either by mail or through direct deposit. If you're still waiting for your money to arrive, this new tool from the IRS lets you track where your check is in the process.

As CNET reports, the Internal Revenue Service launched Get My Payment to make it easy for the public to check the status of their stimulus payments online. To use the portal, select Get My Payment and enter the personal information requested, such as your address, Social Security number, and date of birth.

If the information you submit is correct, the tool will tell you the type of payment you can expect to receive and if it's been sent out. The first group of people to get their checks are those who already have a bank account on file with the federal government, low-income families, and individuals receiving priority.

After updating you on your check's status, the Get My Payment tool allows you to change your payment method to direct deposit if it isn't already the default. For this, you'll need even more information, possibly including your tax returns from the previous two years. Opting for direct deposit is the fastest way to get that government check into your bank account. If you want to know how much money to expect and whether you qualify in the first place, this explainer should clear things up.

[h/t CNET]