This 500-Piece Black and White Gradient Puzzle Is Your Next Quarantine Project

Areaware / Areaware
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Some people use jigsaw puzzles as a way to shut off their brains and unwind at the end of the day. Others are only interested in puzzles that will eat up their free time and break their spirits. If you belong to the latter group, check out this mind-numbingly hard gradient puzzle spotted by Popsugar, which is available on Amazon for $25.

The image that makes up this puzzle from Areaware is simple: It's just a basic color gradient transitioning from black at one end to white at the other. The lack of detail means that figuring out where to place all 500 pieces will likely prove to be just the challenge you're looking for.


Areaware describes the product as "a vibrant way to meditate on color," saying, "[the] act of putting it together is slow and deliberate, where the color of each piece is used to locate its proper position." Just exactly how meditative it feels to put the puzzle together probably depends on your patience level.

The black and white puzzle is the best example of the design's simplicity, but you can also purchase the product in gradients spanning the color spectrum. And if you somehow manage to finish the puzzle in less time than you anticipated, this massive 40,320-piece puzzle of Disney icons or this 1000-piece puzzle that's completely black should prove a worthy test of your skills.

[h/t Popsugar]

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