Solutions to 8 Idiotest Brain Teasers


1. Before you start calculating the calories per serving of strawberries and basil, take a closer look at the picture. The power plant in the background offers far less nutritional value than any of the potted pants, or even the tree branches hanging overhead.

2. Were you tricked by the Kung Fu Emporium? Read the question more carefully and you’ll see it’s asking about marital arts, not martial arts. Wanda will turn your memories into works of art.

3. This puzzle is more of an optical illusion than a word game. The “E” is found in the negative space to the left of the red “H”.

4. The secret to solving this challenge lies in puzzling out each of the boys’ nicknames. William, whose buddies call him Bill, got a crisp—you got it—$100 bill for his birthday. Arthur, meanwhile, got an art (or Art) book. That means Michael will receive a shiny new… mic (or Mike).

5. T. Rex is pretty excited about his new roller skates, and those birthday candles go a long way in lighting up his day. But the party’s real source of power is the sun.

6. It’s been a long time since you sent a snail mail letter, hasn’t it? Michigan + Maine = Mime because the postal abbreviations for Michigan and Maine are MI and ME (MI+ME = MIME). So then it follows that Alabama + Missouri + North Dakota = Almond (AL+MO+ND = ALMOND).

7. No need to recall Newton’s Law of Universal Gravitation to ace this test. The pedestrian’s foot will hit the ground before any of the other objects.

8. While doughnuts, scones, and pudding aren’t known for helping your waistline, the key to this challenge is in the Grand Opening sign. Since mall is in London, England, the ATM can help you gain pounds in no time at all. 

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