Buy One Funko Pop!, Get Another Half Off at Entertainment Earth

Entertainment Earth/Funko
Entertainment Earth/Funko / Entertainment Earth/Funko
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Whether you’re into sports, classic movies and TV shows, comic books, or real-world scientists, Funko Pop! figurines cover pretty much any passion you can have. And now, you can stock up on a wide variety of these 3.75-inch vinyl collectibles on the cheap over at Entertainment Earth.

Until June 2, you can buy one Pop! and get your next one half off. The deal covers a huge selection of figures, from favorites like Star Wars and Harry Potter, to the company’s 18-inch Batman Pop! and pre-orders for the upcoming X-Men movie line.

And it’s not just limited to single figures, either. The set featuring both Mando and Baby Yoda from The Mandalorian is part of the deal, as is the Doc Brown Pop! that includes the clock tower from Back to the Future, which will ship in July. To get the full list of eligible Pops!, head over to Entertainment Earth.

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