This $25 MBA-Style Course Bundle Includes Classes in Finance, Networking, Business Planning, and More

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Get an MBA-style education without the student loans or years of commitment with the Ultimate 2020 MBA in 1 Bundle. In these courses, you’ll learn everything you need to know about business from start-up to IPO, straight from a venture capitalist’s mouth. A former Goldman Sachs employee leads an immersive lesson plan based on their real-life experience so you can better apply what you learn to your own career. And for a limited time, the five-course bundle is discounted at just $24.99.

The core of a business is its financial foundation, and understanding how to analyze, evaluate, and identify great venture capital investments is key. You’ll become an expert in Excel with capabilities like building financial models, analyzing risk management, and executing a technical analysis in the Financial Analyst Training and Investing Course.

Some of the most valuable professional lessons you can learn happen in the real world, rather than the classroom. You’ll get an advance on those real-world lessons in a course specifically intended to give you that leg up. The 101 Crucial Lessons They Don't Teach You in Business School course is packed with advice, tips, and lessons to fast-track you through skills to meet with anyone, climb the career ladder, and lead with confidence.

Your advanced career likely starts with a job interview. This bundle is well-rounded with an entire course that will prepare you to write a killer resume and LinkedIn profile to ultimately land a job. You’ll even be set up for success with 50 templates to help you make a great business plan through a 13-step methodology.

The 2020 Ultimate MBA in 1 Bundle is currently available for just $24.99, which is likely equivalent to the money you’d spend on coffee in just your first week of a traditional MBA program.

The 2020 Ultimate MBA in 1 Bundle Ft. Award Winning Business School Professor - $24.99

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