Attention Nostalgic Millennials: Neopets Is Now Available on Mobile

Neopets / Neopets

You may not have logged onto your Neopets account since 2004, but the virtual pet website is still around. Now, after more than two decades online, Neopets is going mobile for the first time, making it easy for millennials who grew up with the game to jump back in.

To access the new mobile-friendly version of, just visit the site on your phone. The beta of the new open mobile rollout features all the same activities as the desktop version, like the daily games, puzzles, and prizes called Neopet Dailies. And of course, the virtual pet-raising experience that's central to classic Neopets is included in the update. Now that the site is accessible on the go, hopefully it will be easier to keep your pets from starving than it was the last time you played.

Neopets broke ground when it went live in the late 1990s. The brand bills itself as the original social network, and it was also many young web users' introduction to HTML. While the site has struggled to keep up with new technology in recent decades, it still boasts 1.5 million active users today.

The website has switched hands and gone through major changes several times since it launched. Though you can't visit many of the original lands through the main map today, a dedicated group of Neopets fans keeps these forgotten links alive. Remnants of the Lost Desert, Tyrannia’s Abandoned Volcano, and Jelly World still exist on the internet if you know where to look.