Online conveniences like contactless payments are more important than ever, but, consequentially, your own information may be at risk because of it. Payments for online purchases, subscriptions, banking apps, and even saved passwords could leave your identity compromised at the hands of a hacker. To combat this uncertainty, over 200 million people have accessed a censorship-free internet while protecting their information with the help of Hola VPN Plus, and you can get a lifetime subscription to the service right now for just $35.

With Hola VPN Plus, you'll get unlimited access to blocked or censored websites with a hidden IP address so you can enjoy full anonymity as you browse. While remaining anonymous, Hola VPN’s state-of-the-art encryption and security protocols can keep anything from your Netflix login and Amazon password to your banking information and social security number safe whenever you pay taxes or buy apps online.

Hola VPN's services work across five devices, and it's compatible with iOS and Android devices, along with smart TVs, Apple TVs, and popular browsers like Chrome and Firefox. If you're interested in a secure, censorship-free browsing experience, check out more information about the lifetime subscription to Hola VPN Plus today.

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