Get Cat Litter and a New Disposable Litter Box Every Month With This Subscription Service

Kitty Poo Club
Kitty Poo Club / Kitty Poo Club
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When you own a cat—or several cats—there are certain duties you’re obligated to perform on the feline's behalf. Unless you’re one of the few to have mastered the cat toilet-training method developed by jazz legend Charles Mingus, the most annoying and tedious of these duties is cleaning and maintaining the litter box. But now, you can take some legwork out of that loathsome routine with a subscription service that sends supplies of fresh cat litter and a new disposable litter box to your door automatically every month. Appropriately called the Kitty Poo Club, you can give this subscription service a shot risk-free for two weeks and get 25 percent off your first order.

Using Kitty Poo Club means you’ll no longer have to keep some filthy old odor trap in a corner of your apartment or house. Instead of constantly changing the disgusting litter and cleaning the plastic container, you just throw the old box away at the end of each month and replace it with a fresh new one. But don’t worry—Kitty Poo Club’s disposable boxes are 100-percent biodegradable. They also won’t leak, thanks to a pet-safe, FDA-approved chemical coating that keeps moisture from seeping through.

Kitty Poo Club offers a choice of three varieties of premium litter that you can change at any time, allowing you to figure out which one your cats like best. Here’s a breakdown of the three (soon to be four) litter options available to subscribers:

  • Silica: This is Kitty Poo Club’s standard litter. It’s mineral-based, non-toxic, and non-clumping.
  • Fine-Grain Silica: This is essentially the same as the standard Silica, but as the name suggests, it has a finer, more sand-like texture.
  • Clay: If your cats are accustomed to clay litter, this is obviously your bet. It’s made from charcoal-activated clay and blended with other minerals. But unlike the silica varieties, it’s designed for maximum clumping.
  • Organic Soy (Coming in July 2020): For the more environmentally conscious felines out there, Kitty Poo Club will soon offer an Organic Soy variety that’s completely plant-based and uses microbial-odor control and clumping.

If you’re the owner of a single cat, a subscription to Kitty Poo Club costs just $21.49 per month, which is less than you’re likely to spend on kitty litter at the store. But you can save even more money for each additional cat you have (up to seven), thanks to the service’s multi-cat discount. At seven (or more) cats per month, it’ll cost you just $20 per box. If your cat needs more than one litter box and bag per month, you can adjust the shipping schedule to arrive every three weeks or so.

To get started, head over to the service’s official site. Of course, your cats won’t thank you, because that’s just not how they operate. But they’ll probably secretly appreciate it.