It used to be that the big-screen experience was something wholly unique to the local movie theater. Now, it's a little easier to replicate that same movie magic in your own backyard as personal, portable projectors have become commonplace at any electronics store. You can take that one step further with this 4K HD Pocket Projector that can display whatever's streaming on your phone in HD, 4K, and even 3D resolutions. This gives you access to countless movies and TV shows with the push of a button.

This mini projector connects via Bluetooth or MiraCast Mirror Display to your Android 9.0 phone and is capable of projecting a 120-inch picture. It also supports 11 audio formats, from MP3 to WAV, so you’re covered without any accessory speakers. This device, which has its own built-in battery, comes with the pocket projector, a tripod, adapter, and remote control, so all you need to do on movie night is prep the snacks and dim the lights.


Using this projector isn’t limited to movie nights, either. You can browse the internet, give presentations at work, and even play video games on the projected screen. That big-screen experience means fewer neck aches from looking down at your phone and better visibility with a much larger scale. You’ll be able to play for over an hour on the big screen before needing to charge up for your next session.

The 4K HD Pocket Projector is a handy system to turn streaming and gaming into an outdoor occasion for friends and family. For a limited time, you can get one while it's discounted to just $299.

4K HD Pocket Projector for Android 9.0 - $299

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