This Personal Air Conditioner Can Cool Down Your Home Workspace Without Breaking the Bank

EvaChill / EvaChill
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Every summer is the same: It starts with an exciting excuse to wear some lighter clothes and maybe hop in the pool, but it ends with month after month of sticky skin on your couch, beads of sweat that soak at least one T-shirt a day, and stale air that makes it hard to even think. Thankfully, you can make the dog days a bit more bearable with the EvaChill personal air conditioner, a portable A/C unit that costs just $80.

Unlike with typical window air conditioners, the EvaChill EV-500 doesn't involve a complicated installation or a wall outlet for a power source. All this model requires is a full water tank and a USB port for power, making it the ideal way to cool down when you're working on a laptop in a hot bedroom or office. The unit is designed to drop temperatures to 59ºF in just 10 minutes, and it's portable and leak-proof so you can move it wherever you have to go.

The EvaChill sets up with the press of one button and filters lint particles on its own for better air quality (that means no nasty bacterial growth). It does all of this efficiently, so it won’t rack up your energy bill like a traditional air conditioner, and it’s made from a patented material that’s completely eco-friendly.

The EvaChill is available in gray, pink, and white, and each color is available right now for $80, which is discounted from its normal price of $99.