Having Microsoft Excel is kind of like owning a washing machine—most people know how to use it at a basic level, but understanding all the different components is another story. But with this Microsoft Excel and Power BI Certification Bundle, you can get the most out of your Microsoft Excel experience by learning about data plotting, auto calculations, visualizations, and many more business intelligence functionalities.

All you need to commit to is an hour a day for about a month to become a certified pro in this bundle’s nine courses. You’ll learn how to build complex relational models and design interactive dashboards for professional-level business intelligence reports with hands-on lessons in the Up and Running With Power BI Desktop course.

Then, you can take advantage of over 200 tutorials in the Pivot Tables Bootcamp, where you’ll learn to set up data and create pivot tables in under three minutes to track metrics like sales and monthly variations. From there, you'll learn to visualize that data with Power Query, Power View, and Power Pivot to develop reports that tell a story with data.

Data that tells a story starts with a basic knowledge of formulas, and you’ll get that in a 50-minute course in mastering the top 50 Excel formulas. You’ll be equipped to sort, calculate, and group swiftly to design better spreadsheets in less time. Sometimes, however, the data input can’t be simplified with formulas alone. In cases like this, you’ll be equipped with a high-level knowledge of Power Query to clean through loads of data to consolidate at the press of a button. There’s even an additional course to master Power Query with M code so you can learn to create your very own formulas.

Understanding Excel functionality definitely saves time, but you can save even more time with knowledge of the top 50 keyboard shortcuts. This bundle includes an entire course that covers formatting cells, sorting data, and more with keyboard shortcuts that will take some of the monotony out of your weekly duties.

It’s obvious that this Microsoft Excel and Power BI Certification Bundle can save you time with valuable skills in business intelligence reporting, but today, it can also save you money. You can get certified today at a 97 percent discount and pay just $35 for the nine-course bundle, making it a bargain investment in your future.

The 2020 Master Microsoft Excel & Power BI Certification Bundle - $34.99

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