Whether you're running a business, classroom, or household, chances are, much of your work is done from a mobile or desktop device. And with those devices comes the lifesaving software that keeps your work streamlined, organized, and secure. If you want to make life even easier, you can take advantage of this newly discounted bundle of eight award-winning Mac apps developed to help you simplify your daily workflow. Normally, each of these apps would cost as much as $100, but today, this curated batch is discounted as a bundle to just $50.

This bundle of file management and online security apps will streamline your device with wireless file transfers between operating systems, back-ups, and even VPN protection. The included Aurora HDR app turns ordinary photos into stunning HDR pieces from your device, allowing you to then upload to social media with just a click. Then you can manage and transfer all of your photos and much more with iMazing, which lets you easily copy your data (like music and photos) and transfer it to any of your other Apple devices.

If you’ve ever transferred data between devices, you know the underlying fear that something will get lost along the way. Disk Drill Pro is included in the limited-edition bundle and can protect your device with the top data recovery system for documents, music, photos, and videos. 

These apps are intended to make the complexities of your device easier, and that goes beyond transferring and protecting your data. RapidWeaver 8, which is included in this bundle, helps you easily build your own website without having to learn about code and photo editing. And with Windscribe VPN Pro, you can make sure your new website and the rest of your devices are protected around the globe.

If you’re the hyper-organized type, chances are you have loads of files spread across a number of folders. DeltaWalker is an app that lets you compare and synchronize thousands of files to save you time. And then there's TextExpander, an app that allows you to design your own custom keyboard shortcuts. They’ll come in handy when you’re mapping out your ideas in XMind8, the ultimate brainstorming tool that helps you wrangle your thoughts and organize them visually to share with others.

This bundle of limited-edition apps is currently 93 percent off right now, bringing the final price down to just $50.

The Limited Edition Mac Bundle Ft. iMazing - $49.99

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